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Groups Urge Pope to Meet with LGBTI People; Steve Grand’s "Gay" Swimwear; Colin Farrell Best Man At Brother’s Gay Wedding

Groups Urge Pope to Meet with LGBTI People

This is always so hard for me, because I was raised Catholic, went to 12 years of Catholic school, and I know how the Church works with regard to things like this. It is what it is and logic has very little to do with it.

I also understand why these groups want to meet with the Pope.

Nearly 30 groups and individuals, led by GLAAD and DignityUSA, have sent a letter to the leader of the Catholic Church urging him to do so and explaining that there is ‘institutionalized discrimination against LGBT people and families.’

The letter explains that the church’s teachings and pastoral practices have resulted in ‘a compelling pastoral need’ for ‘great healing and reconciliation.’

The letter is signed by GLAAD’s President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis and DignityUSA’s Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke. It is endorsed by 28 additional organizations and people and was mailed directly to Pope Francis earlier this month.

Even if they do meet with him I’m not sure much will change. Look at how the Catholic church views divorce and you’ll see what I mean. Women still aren’t allowed to become priests. Nuns are treated as second class citizens. And please don’t comment about how they grant Papal annulments. I’m all too familiar with that as well. I even filled one out for a family member who paid thousands of dollars and waited almost four years to get a Papal annulment.

You can read the rest here.

I think it’s wonderful these groups want to meet with the Pope. I just hate to see good people let down.

Steve Grand’s “Gay” Swimwear

I didn’t even know this had happened. Evidently, there were comments made about Steve Grand wearing “gay” swimwear.

‘I try not to pay too much attention. At some point in life it’s important to realize that no matter what you do, people are going to have something to say about it so you may as well do/wear what makes you happy.

‘I’ve seen a small number of gay men criticize my choice of swimwear for being immodest and ‘stereotypically gay.’

‘People are entitled to feel however they feel, but again, I wear what I wear for me and not for them; because it makes me feel good. I’m not looking for everyone’s approval all of the time.

‘There is a time and place for modesty, but, for me at least, a hot summer day in Chicago, on a boat with a bunch of other gay dudes is not one of them.

‘And frankly I don’t care what some may consider to be a gay stereotype or not, and anyone using that as some kind of jab is probably grappling with their own internalized homophobia. I wear what makes me happy.’

As usual, he replied like a gentleman and took the high road. There are very few fights worth fighting online unless you’re willing to die for the cause.

The rest is here, with a photo of the swimwear they criticized. He looks good.

Colin Farrell Best Man At Brother’s Gay Wedding

I’ve posted about Farrell and his openly gay brother, and this is only news for now. I hope that in five or ten years it won’t be news anymore. Weddings will just be weddings, not gay weddings.

Colin Farrell will be be best man at his brother’s wedding next year once gay marriage legislation is passed.
The Hollywood actor also played best man at his older brother’s civil union ceremony in 2009, but said he regretted not coming back to Ireland to celebrate the gay marriage referendum, which was passed in May.

‘If I’m honest, selfishly I’m sick I wasn’t at home. It nearly took the joy out of it for me,’ he told the Irish Independent.

There’s more here.    

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