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Amazon Acquires WHITE; California Killer Commentator Fired: Dr. Robi Ludwig

Amazon Acquires WHITE

I know that sounds a little peculiar. But Amazon really did just acquire the color white…as a background for photos.

Taking a photo against a white background? You may owe Amazon money.
That’s right: the US Patent and Trademark Office just granted Amazon a patent for the totally unheard of process of photographing people against a white backdrop. And we thought copyright trolls couldn’t get more brazen.

You can read more here, where they are trying to petition the US Patent Office.

I think that ship sailed. Amazon owns white backdrops and that’s that.

There’s also more about it here. I actually checked to see if this was a hoax but couldn’t find anything at snopes stating it wasn’t true.

California Killer Commentator Fired at Fox

On Sunday I posted about a commentator, Dr. Robi Ludwig, on the Fox TV show, Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro, speculating that the California killer, Elliot Rodger, who went on a violent rampage in Santa Barbara last week could have been “trying to fight against his homosexual impulses.”

I thought, WOW, after I read the whole piece and all of her unfounded comments, and then I wrote this:

 A Fox News “analyst,” Dr. Robi Ludwig, allegedly believes the young man who went on a horrific killing spree in California recently might have been struggling with “homosexual issues.” The good Dr. Ludwig is allegedly a psychologist.  I did find this web site where you can read more about her. It only takes a moment at her web site to understand what she’s all about.

Without thinking, I went on to state that I didn’t see anyone calling for her resignation over this ridiculous speculation.

I was wrong about that.

Evidently, according to this article, she was fired from one of her jobs.

She sparked outrage after saying on Fox News that Elliot Rodger, who also killed himself, may have been fighting ‘homosexual impulses.’

Ludwig has been fired as the lifestyle real estate correspondent for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, one of the top real estate firms in the US.

Coldwell Banker wrote in a statement on Facebook: ‘Dr. Robi’s comments on the tragedy in Santa Barbara do not represent the opinions of Coldwell Banker. Therefore at this time we feel it best to part ways with her as our lifestyle real estate correspondent.’

As far as I know, she’s still working at Fox.

There’s more here.

I know this will once again bring up the topic of free speech. The most important point to remember is that Ludwig did, in fact, exercise her right to free speech when she made that speculation. She makes a great deal of money to appear on Fox. And now she has to own her words no matter what the consequences are. Responsibility goes hand in hand with free speech.

She did apologize. She issued a statement on Facebook and spelled the killer’s name wrong twice…#ElliotRoger…with hashtags.

You can read more about that here.