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Homoerotic? Utah Against Marriage; Coke Cuts Gay Wedding Out in Ireland


Trust me, this link is mostly for photos. I can’t post them. But when you get there you’ll see what I mean.

I know a lot of gay men who don’t get this. They see straight men rolling around on a mat, with their arms and legs wrapped around each other, and they think it’s homoerotic.

It’s not. It might look that way. But the straight men doing this (unless there’s something we don’t know) are not even slightly aroused. If you still don’t get this, picture me rolling around on a mat with Rachel Maddow.

I can’t promise you much in this life, but I can promise I will NOT get aroused if Rachel Maddow climbs on top of me.

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Utah Against Marriage

Last week I posted about a federal judge, Robert J. Shelby, declaring the ban on same sex marriage in Utah unconstitutional.

And now the fight to keep the ban is beginning and this next article states Utah is prepared to spend millions to have the ruling appealed.

‘To go through the court process on an issue that, on a 2-to-1 vote, the people of our state felt was important to have in our constitution, I think is of value,’ the speaker told KSL.

In 2004, voters supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and woman.

This is interesting to me for more than one reason. Tony’s brother and his family live in Utah now and we just saw Tony’s niece and her partner (she’s straight; her partner is a man) on Christmas day and they were telling us some of the cultural changes they’ve had to deal with since moving to Utah from the east coast over a year ago. For one thing, they said people in Utah don’t curse. They say “Son of a Bishop” instead of “Son of a Bitch.” Now, that’s hearsay, I know. But it’s not the first time I’ve heard this.

But what also interests me is that Tony’s niece and her partner also stated that they find Utah to be progressive and they never see any hints of homophobia in their circles. They have no reason to lie. So the 2004 vote where the people of Utah defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman makes me wonder. A lot has changed in ten years. And I can’t help wondering how things would turn out if the people of Utah were able to vote on this all over again. Almost every single poll I read in most places it says the attitude toward same sex marriage has shifted in an almost polarized direction, in favor of same sex marriage.

Coke Cuts Gay Wedding Out in Ireland

There’s allegedly an ad not yet released in Ireland for Coke with a gay wedding scene. And Coke decided to cut the scene and now they’ve come under fire. You have to read this carefully and think about it for a moment.

But in Ireland, the gay couple scene is replaced with an image of a young straight, interracial couple walking down the aisle.

They always gear ads like this to the country in which it will be shown. Even though 73% of Irish people support same sex marriage, it’s still not legal in Ireland. Coke wants their ads to reflect this. And I actually do get it this time. If gay marriage isn’t legal in Ireland why show an ad with two men getting married? They aren’t selling a brand to make political statements. They are selling a brand to make money and all they are doing is following facts.

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