Category: Cody Alan Comes Out As Gay; SNL’s Alec Baldwin and Anti-Gay Slurs; Leah McSweeney and Alleged Homophobia

Cody Alan Comes Out As Gay; SNL’s Alec Baldwin and Anti-Gay Slurs; Leah McSweeney and Alleged Homophobia

Cody Alan Comes Out As Gay

I’ve been saying all along we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this.

To country music fans, Cody Alan has always been a ball of sunshine. But for years, the seemingly happy-go-lucky CMT and iHeartRadio host suffered an identity crisis, holding onto a secret he’s finally ready to share — that he’s gay.

“Though my TV or my radio persona was always that of a happy guy, there was this underlying ache inside of me for years, so I decided either I was gonna do something about it, or I was gonna live with this layer of misery underneath that happy face on the TV,” Alan, 44, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

You can read more about it here. 

I love the way people in the media refer to being gay as an “identity crisis.” He knew who he was all along. He just didn’t tell YOU until he was ready to come out.

And he’s not going to be the last one to come out as gay either.

SNL’s Alec Baldwin and the Anti-Gay Slurs

Suddenly, Alec Baldwin is the darling of the press because of his parody of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. It’s a good parody and I’m not questioning that. Evidently, no one else is either. I’m just wondering why everyone forgot all about this…

Alec Baldwin’s new weekly MSNBC talk show was suspended for two episodes after the actor was videotaped using an anti-gay epithet against a photographer during a New York street encounter.

The cable channel didn’t specify the reason it yanked Friday night’s Up Late with Alec Baldwin from its schedule this week and next, but the decision came the day after the Thursday run-in. 

If you google Alec Baldwin and Anti-Gay Slurs, you’ll come up with more information than you need to read. I’m also wondering if Baldwin would have gotten a free pass on this one if his slurs had been directed at any other minority. No one else ever has. This kind of thing has ruined careers, for obvious reasons. But if you shout out a repulsive anti-gay slur, that seems to be forgivable.

It’s interesting. That’s all.

Here’s the link.

Leah McSweeney and Alleged Homophobia

In short, Leah McSweeney is some kind of designer I never heard of who got into some kind of flamewar with an openly gay comedian from Saturday Night Live named Michael Che. She’s making one claim, he’s making another, and there are screen shots of tweets of the shitstorm so you can figure out how you want to be outraged this time.

She said this, in part…

“I met a comedian. I’ve dealt with a few comedians. They are the worst,” McSweeney said. “Michael Che is so arrogant and so rude and disrespectful that I cannot even believe that someone … You’re like a D-list celebrity to me! Whatever!”

But here’s the twist…

But a series of text exchanges between the two, published by Page Six, don’t appear to support McSweeney’s allegations in the least. If anything, they expose the socially awkward, not to mention racist and slightly homophobic, strategies she employs when trying to seduce guys on dating apps.

You can read the rest here. 

I do find it ironic that Saturday Night Live came up again with the topic of homophobia…in general. I’ve linked to SNL more than once over the years. It wasn’t too long ago when I was posting about the SNL 40th reunion and how a gay cast member was left out completely. And from what I’ve read there has never been a long list of openly gay cast members on SNL.

It’s just an observation.

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