Category: Clothing Optional Key West and Palm Springs Resorts; Hamburger Mary’s and the Alleged Drag Queen Disaster; HIV Outbreak In Milwaukee

Clothing Optional Key West and Palm Springs Resorts; Hamburger Mary’s and the Alleged Drag Queen Disaster; HIV Outbreak In Milwaukee

Clothing Optional Key West and Palm Springs Resorts

The interesting thing about clothing optional is that you only feel awkward for about 5 minutes. After that initial awkwardness wears off, you don’t even realize that you’re nude. No one else cares either. They’re all nude. It just feels natural. I know that sounds strange if you’ve never done it, but it’s the truth.

The locals are tanned, the visitors enthusiastic, and the nightlife unmatched. So, while you start packing your bags to hop the next flight, we’ve got a list of hot spots that are sure to satisfy.
From the clothing-optional suites to a beachfront oasis, Key West has a flavor all its own.
And here’s one about a clothing optional in Palm Springs, CA, not far from where I live there.

‘It’s a relaxed, welcoming, free environment. It makes people comfortable to be who they are. If that’s someone comfortable with their clothes on, great, or with their clothes off, also great. It’s about being in a safe, queer space.’

Hamburger Mary’s and the Alleged Drag Queen Disaster
Tony and I once looked into getting a Hamburger Mary’s franchise back in the late 90s. We decided against doing it, but it’s interesting to see that they are still around today.
In any event, now some woman is suing the Tampa restaurant location because she allegedly suffered emotional and physical abuse of some kind at the hands of an aggressive drag queen. 
A drag queen who goes by Amanda D’Hod (or maybe not — Molina says she isn’t 100% on the name — was that a read?) allegedly started her performance by approaching Molina’s table, grabbing Molina’s head and wiggling “her breast against the Plaintiff’s face and head eight times.”
The wiggles turned to grabs, the grabs to shakes, and the shakes to pushes. Allegedly.
HIV Outbreak In Milwaukee
This is something I haven’t seen in a while. 
An outbreak of HIV and syphilis has affected more than 125 people, including high school students, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
It’s one of the largest sexually transmitted infection clusters in the city’s history. Health care officials confirmed the news to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
You can read the rest, here.   It’s even more disturbing because they fear the numbers will only increase. 

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A PG Rated Gay Romance

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