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Naked In New Orleans; Full Frontal Nudity on Looking; The Rainbow Detective Agency by Ryan Field

Naked In New Orleans

There’s a gay bar in New Orleans where the patrons are signing a petition so nudity will be allowed back in the bar. It sounds more like a small gay resort where clothing has always been optional. When a woman (yes, a woman in a gay club) claimed she was assaulted there last year the owners of the club were told they could lose their license if they didn’t ban nudity and they buckled…which I don’t think anyone can blame them for doing. I have no idea how this woman was allegedly assaulted in a gay bar because they don’t go into detail.

Keep in mind this is a private club. 

“We should be able to read, smoke, swim and drink naked,” Dillon Henderson told WGNO News. “To me they got rid of the policy, and I want it back.”

He continued: “The reasons why it went away are irrelevant to me. That’s why we thought why not organize a petition and see what kind of response we get and then go from there. We are hoping that people sign the petition and get involved on social media using the hashtag #nudenotlewd.

I’ve been to many gay bars and clubs that were clothing optional. When it’s all men there’s never an issue. But if you want to see things get awkward fast, bring in a woman and the entire atmosphere changes. I don’t know why that happens. But it does. That’s just an observation. And to be completely honest, I could live without clothing optional places, but I do think if it’s a private club the owners should have a choice.

In any event, here’s more about the bar in New Orleans.

Full Frontal Nudity on Looking

I have three episodes of Looking on my DVR I haven’t seen yet because I haven’t had time, so this is news to me, too. Evidently, there was full frontal nudity on Looking, and Daniel Franzese was the one who did it.

Going from my first real kiss on screen to being totally naked is kind of a big deal. It just felt like it really was right for the story. One of the things I love about all of the sex on Looking is that, even when it feels sexy and gratuitous, it’s still serving the story first and foremost. I’m a storyteller. I’m an actor-y type actor. And I think once I was there, I felt really free to do it in order to tell the story properly.”

You can check that out here. Good for him. Finally, someone willing to admit that sometimes sex is not only important to a story but it also moves the story forward. I get so sick and tired at least three times a day of people who constantly complain about too much sex in romance (or on TV and film). Just don’t read it if you don’t like it and shut the hell up. And if you like sex in books or on TV, please remember your reviews always count. They count more than you realize they do. Because most people who review highly sexual content are those who DON’T like it…or don’t “get” it. And that’s not always a fair and balanced set of opinions.

The Rainbow Detective Agency

Book 2

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 1