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After the post I just wrote about small e-presses staying in business if large publishers start to compete, this e-mail from set me on edge a little. I didn’t expect it.

I have books there for sale with I’ve shopped for books there before. I’ve enjoyed going there to read about other books that aren’t mine. In fact, while I was writing the previous post Tony was setting “Chase of a Lifetime” up on ARe, as we continue to distribute it to more retail web sites where e-books are sold. My next venue would have been

I’ve also enjoyed their newsletter.

Here’s part of the mass e-mail I received:

Thank you very much for being a customer of 1PlaceForRomance, 1RomanceEbooks and/or 1EroticaEbooks .

We have closed our sites to new sales as of today. The sites will remain up until August 15, 2012 for you to download your previous purchases. On or about August 15, you will no longer have access.