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Straight TV Host Slept With Men; Closeted Sailor Accidentally Outed; Miss Cleo Is Dead

Straight TV Host Slept With Men

This one is just plain weird. And I think the people who write these articles leave a great deal to be desired. Some guy from Australia who hosts a reality show claims he’s straight but he’s slept with men, too.

“You’ve got to go on all the rides at Dreamworld before you find the one you want to stay on all day,” he said, before adding he’s gave up fooling around with fellas “a long time ago.”

This is the second time he’s discussed the subject publicly. In January, he told another radio station, “I’ve got no problems talking about that I’ve pashed a bloke or two.”
You can read the rest here. He’s not claiming to be bi-sexual, pansexual, or any other kind of sexual. He’s straight. 
He can go on all the rides in Dreamworld he wants. I’ll stick to one.
Closeted Sailor Accidentally Outed
This one talks about something I’ve been saying for a long time here on the blog. It’s never (ever) easy to come out, but I’ve never met anyone who did come out who regretted it in the long run. The interesting thing is that most people already know anyway.
It talks a lot about his (valid) fears of coming out, but there’s this, too…
He says he is now a much happier, productive and successful person and that while he still faces discrimination he is working to fight back against those antiquated ideas.
Miss Cleo Is Dead
This is sad, especially because she was so young. 

No more calling Miss Cleo for spiritual advice. The iconic ’90s TV psychic has died, her rep confirms.

Cleo, whose real name was Youree Harris, passed away earlier today in Palm Beach County, Florida. She was 53 years old.

The rest is here. She was also an openly gay woman.

I never actually called Miss Cleo, but I have been known to visit a psychic…or two…in my time.

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