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October FREE Gay Book and Sales Ryan Field; The Pope and Kim Davis; Matt Damon Gay Damage Control; Closted Married Men Going To Counselors

October Book Sales Ryan Field

This month I’m doing a few freebies and sales with books, one of which will be offered for free for everyone, and one which will be offered at a discount for non KU members and free to KU members.

Here are the books and links.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Box Set…It’s the first four books in the series in one digital box set. There is a new one coming out this month and I’m working on another right now. This will be discounted to $4.99 from October 1 to the 8th for non KU members. It’s also FREE with Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Meadows Are Not Forever…This one is a full length gay romance novel that is free with Kindle Unlimited and will be FREE for everyone else from October 1 to the 8th. This book is close to me for several reasons, one of which is that one man reviewed it, contacted me about the review, and he really “got” what I was trying to do. This book is not erotic romance. It’s romance. And the central theme is that gay men don’t always have to have sex to get romance. You all know I’m no prude, but sometimes a story needs no sex to come across the way it should. I also think it’s a dilemma most gay men have faced at least once in their lives.

The Pope and Kim Davis

Update: Here’s a link to the NYT. Evidently, the Vatican has confirmed that Davis did meet with the Pope. 
On Wednesday, the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, confirmed that the meeting took place, but he declined to elaborate. “I do not deny that the meeting took place, but I have no other comments to add,” he said.

I hate posting anything about Kim Davis again but this was just too interesting to pass up. Now she’s claiming she had a private meeting with the Pope while he was in Washington. So far the Vatican isn’t saying anything definitive, but the Pope did say he supported Davis’s right not to hand out marriage licenses while on his way back to the Vatican.

Offering no comment on the previously unannounced meeting, the Vatican would neither confirm nor deny that it took place.

“I never thought I would meet the Pope,” Davis said via her legal team. “Who am I to have this rare opportunity? I am just a County Clerk who loves Jesus and desires with all my heart to serve him.”

The meeting is said to have occurred last Thursday, the same day Francis addressed Congress. Davis was in Washington for another purpose: She received a Cost of Discipleship award at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit on Friday night.

You can read the rest here. It’s a link to NPR and they’re usually reliable. 

What I find most interesting is that this was all allegedly planned weeks ago by the Vatican and the entire time the Pope was here in the US it was never once mentioned. So indirectly, the Pope lied by not disclosing this to the public, up front, like the sex abuse scandals. If this meeting did take place and if what Kim Davis claims is true, it was a cover up.

In any event, I expect this type of thing from the Pope anyway, so I’m not all that surprised or upset about it.

Matt Damon Gay Damage Control

Judge Judy has a saying that goes like this:

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

That’s what came to mind when I read this. 

After articles and posts came out about Matt Damon allegedly stating that gay actors should probably keep their sexuality to themselves because it’s better for their careers, Damon went on the Ellen show and clarified what he said. He claims his quotes were taken out of context.

The Ellen Show was a last minute booking. (They think we don’t know.) 

“I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they’re a mystery, right?” he clarified. “And somebody picked it up and said I said gay actors should get back in the closet. Which is like, I mean it’s stupid, but it is painful when things get said that you don’t believe. You know what I mean? And then it gets represented that that’s what you believe.”

He blamed bloggers, as usual.

He then pointed a finger at the “blogosphere,” saying, “There’s no real penalty for just taking the ball and running with it. You know what I mean? You’re just trying to click on your thing.”

Evidently, there’s no real penalty for dropping the ball either.

You can read the rest here.    

Closeted Married Men Are Going To Counselors

This article brings up the topic of cheating spouses and it mentions closeted gay men who are sneaking around on their wives with other men they meet online. It sounds as if the entire free world is out there having all this hot sex fun while the rest of us are missing the proverbial party.

A sexologist in Winter Park, FL says he could “literally work 24 hours a day, seven days a week” because of all the people cheating on their significant others thanks to websites like Craigslist and Ashley Madison.

 “The volume is that great,” Michael Rothenberg, sexologist and owner of, tells the Orlando Sentinel. “It’s becoming easier and easier to find a sexual partner.”

You can read the rest here. I’m not sure how to speculate on this one. I don’t have a Grindr account and I didn’t even know what Ashley Madison was until the Christian Josh Duggar incident. Oh, and surprise, I’m married.

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