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Noah Galvin on Colton Hanyes and the Closeted Hollywood Network of Gays; John Barrowman’s Husband’s Dick; Gay for Pay Wrestling

Noah Galvin on Colton Haynes and the Closeted Hollywood Network of Gays

The other night a good author friend of mine went on a rant about something I posted on Facebook that had to do with a Hollywood actor coming out, and how phony it was. After I read his rant, I realized he was not only speaking the truth, but everything he said was something that I have personally witnessed about the way some Hollywood types remain closeted until it suits them, and then come out in the most vulgar ways. It’s really very interesting to watch…and to see just how disingenuous some of these truly ambitious low end Hollywood types really work it in their own best interests…with no regard at all for the cause or the issues.

With that said, here’s an article where a TV star named Noah Galvin speaks candidly about this very topic.

From there the dish just gets dishier and the shade gets shadier. Galvin has no patience for L.A.’s vapid, closeted actors or the party boys of WeHo. And his description of Hollywood’s gay network is priceless: “Bryan Singer likes to invite little boys over to his pool and diddle them in the fucking dark of night.”

I’m not sure I know what diddle means, but Galvin also said this about Colton Haynes…

 “That’s not coming out. That’s fucking pussy bullshit. That’s like, enough people assume that I sleep with men, so I’m just going to slightly confirm the fact that I’ve sucked a dick or two. That’s not doing anything for the little gays but giving them more masturbation material.”

If nothing else, this guy is certainly candid. I do like Colton Haynes and I do believe there are two sides to every story…sometimes three or four sides. But what he says about Modern Family is pretty much what I’ve been saying here on this blog for years now.

In short, for the most part Hollywood is full of shit.

You can check out the rest here

The comments are interesting and many seem to support Galvin. I still think we have a lot of work to do.

John Barrowman’s Husband’s Dick

Speaking of Hollywood types, this next article is being polite. But John Barrowman is talking about his husband’s dick yet again and why not call it what it is. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, but the dude is showing off his husband’s dick in public. I wouldn’t talk about my husband that way, and I know my husband wouldn’t talk about me that way. Please excuse us for being openly gay and having a little dignity and decorum. Or, for that matter, how many straight married couples talk about their spouses this way?

Oh, brother. Here we go again.

Arrow star John Barrowman has once again “accidentally” shared a nudie shot of his husband, Scott Gills.

You can read more here.

And the comments are classic.

Gay For Pay Wrestling

Now here’s an article about gay for pay wrestling, which I never knew about until right now.

Gay erotic wrestling. Yes, it’s a thing. And no, not all the wrestlers are actually gay. In fact, most of them are just straight dudes looking to make a little extra scratch.

So say the folks at BG East Wrestling, an online marketplace for DVDs, VOD and downloadable clips of guy-on-guy wrestling matches intended for male self-pleasuring purposes.

You can check this out here.

It’s actually an honest story coming from a straight guy who claims he doesn’t mind being objectified this way in the least by gay men…as long as he’s getting paid to do it.


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