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Trevor Donovan Rides Bareback, Texas Rising, Cannes Film Festival; Gay Men Trapped In Hetero Marriages

Trevor Donovan Rides Bareback, Texas Rising, Cannes Film Festival

I’ve posted several times about Trevor Donovan starring in The History Channel’s new series, Texas Rising. Here’s a link to all of them.

Now that the series premiere date is approaching, on May 25th, I thought I’d post a few updates I haven’t mentioned before. One of which is that Texas Rising actually made its world premiere at Cannes. I found that interesting because even though I loathe travel (flying) to the point of gagging, I have always wanted to go to The Cannes Film Festival. There’s just something about it.

The fact that a series like this was shown at Cannes could also mean that the UK and other European markets will get a chance to see Texas Rising, too. But don’t quote me on that. I haven’t seen anything definitive yet. I just know from my readers in the UK and in places far off in Eastern Europe that the American Old West is something they find interesting…and from the information below, there is a broader market.

This comes from Variety:

“Its root is very much this sort of Western drama based on real-life events,” Gopal says, “but having seen quite a few of the episodes, it’s a much broader show than that. It’s got huge global appeal, lots of different storylines and themes.”

Contrary to any antiquated notions of regional-specific television, “Texas Rising” is a model of how lavish smallscreen productions are now being made for viewers worldwide.

“Our focus is to find great stories and great content wherever they are in the world, try to get them financed and produced, and then take them to as broad and global an audience as possible,” Gopal notes.

“Two years ago, a high percentage of the content we were taking to market came from the U.K., and that has shifted. We’re investing in, obviously, ‘Texas Rising’ and ‘Aquarius’ (an upcoming limited series about the hunt for Charles Manson starring David Duchovny), another one of our shows in the U.S. It’s a slightly different model, but it brings something different to our portfolio, and then our buyers tell us what they want and are interested in.

“We’re investing in content still here in the U.K.; we’re investing in content in Europe, in Australia. … Regardless of where the show is, we’re really focused on partnering with great producers and writers and talent, hopefully bringing our distribution experience in terms of financing those projects, getting them made, then being able to sell them around the world.”

And, obviously there is a market, because Texas Rising is now a full series, with more episodes ordered.

This is also from Variety:

The History miniseries “Texas Rising,” set to bow on Memorial Day, has been expanded to 10 hours and will air over the course of five weeks, the network announced on Tuesday.

The series, which details the Texas Revolution and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers, will air two-hour installments on both Memorial Day (May 25) and the next night (Tuesday, May 26). Its final six hours will then be played out over the next three Mondays (June 1, 8 and 15).

It had originally been planned as a six-hour series.

I think it’s a smart move, especially since that time of year is usually riddled with nothing but bad reruns of HGTV shows and reality shows no one cares about. I don’t think the TV market has changed in the sense that people aren’t watching TV anymore. I think viewers are looking for more TV like Texas Rising, but they aren’t getting ituntil now.

And here’s a video with Trevor Donovan talking about riding Bareback while shooting TR. And get your minds out of the gutter. I know you guys too well. Riding bareback in this case means a horse without a saddle.

You’ll find that here, along with other videos of Donovan and TR. 

Gay Men Trapped In Hetero Marriages

I was editing the fourth book in the Rainbow Detective series this afternoon and when I saw this article I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Without any spoilers, I get into the same thing in the fourth book, and I even go into a little detail about the complications.

The topic discussed is when gay men are in hetero marriages. I’m not talking about gay men who are married to straight women and the women know it. That’s a completely different thing, and, that actually does seem to work very well…from what I’ve heard and seen from personal experiences. Yes, I do know several marriages like that. All are happily married in spite of the fact that the man is gay. And for the record, it could be a gay woman and a straight men.

In this case, they are talking about when closeted gay men are trapped in hetero marriages, which I think is something that goes a lot deeper than we even realize. I used to be shocked when allegedly straight married men came on to me, but not so much anymore. For some reason, it almost always happens at weddings when the wife is in the same room with the husband, and she knows nothing. It’s creepy. 

First, this all happened on a small news show in Texas. And don’t blame Texas for this. I love Texas and I think it’s a wonderful place. We have a news show here in Philadelphia that can be just as cringe-worthy. The idiot who hosts the Philly show, Good Day, on Fox 29 in the morning would probably do the exact same thing, in the very same insulting way. But that’s just speculation. My point is that all states have good points and bad points.

In any event, this is what happened in Texas:

“Alright, another one of those conversations where, you know, maybe you don’t want the young kids, if they’re around, to ask about this stuff,” the uncomfortable anchorman began, “so you get a couple of seconds to usher them out of the room ’cause we’re going to be talking about the new mixed marriage. One straight spouse. One gay spouse.”

Yes. Get the kiddies out of the room and close the blinds. A psychologist came on and she started talking about gay men “trapped” in hetero marriages. Where they get these statistics I’m not sure.

“Over four million women have been with a man who’s had sex with a man,” Rapini said, citing a study from the CDC. “The Family Pride Coalition has said over 20 percent of all gay men are in heterosexual marriages.”

This is a problem, Rapini said, because “many of them go out and have gay relationships without their spouse knowing. You could expose her to an STD or… It’s just not fair! Because she wants to be married to someone that really loves her and enjoys intimacy with her! And they don’t!”

We can’t help but wonder if Rapini was speaking from personal experience. She certainly sounds like a woman scorned.

You can read the rest here. What bothers me is that it sounds as if a guy cheating on his wife with another woman can’t bring home an STD…as if STDs are only reserved for gay people. Evidently, I’m not the only one bothered by this segment. The comments go directly to the main point.

Here’s one comment, in part, I found highly appropriate.

This therapist number one, is biased. She falls on the side of supporting unfair treatment to women and does not address once, the harrowing sense of displacement, alienation and desperation of gay and bi males competing and performing in a neurotically Christo-judeo-judgmental paternal hetero-sexist society. These (non-disclosure) dishonest marriages, based in fear of reprisal, are not fair to anybody involved.

Gay Public Cruising; 8 Gay Christmas Events; Acting Gay For Money

Gay Public Cruising

This is really an article about guards being hired at a health club in Austria to keep gay men from cruising in a sauna. But I think it’s interesting, from a cruising POV alone, to talk about these things once in a while and bring them out in the open…so to speak.

Employees at Parkbad Fitness Center in Linz, Austria are sick and tired of dealing with guys getting it on in the sauna, so they’ve decided to do something about it.

The center has hired “undercover enforcement officers” to hang out inside the hot room and keep their eyes peeled for any patrons who may be up to no good.

Sounds like nice work, if you can get it.

It’s something that happens in saunas, rest rooms, parks, and anywhere there’s a hint of the element of danger involved. In the past I think there was a logical excuse for this kind of cruising. Gay men had nowhere else to go. In many cases they still don’t. I get that. But for the most part I’m starting to get annoyed with it myself. I run every morning at a park right here in Bucks County, PA, just outside of New Hope. And at least once or twice a week there’s someone there who isn’t shy about why he’s there, if you get my drift. And frankly, I find it really irritating to be put in that position…and I’m GAY. The only thing you can do with these guys is never make eye contact. Once you do, it’s all over and they’ll never leave you alone.

This, of course, doesn’t include gay bathhouses, or other places strictly gay oriented. I’m talking about public places where people only want to go for a walk or a run or whatever, not get eye-raped by some pushy guy groping himself in public.

You can read the rest here. Once again, I didn’t read the comments first before I posted mine. But the comments seem to agree with me…at least some.

8 Gay Christmas Events

Here’s another one of those Queerty advertorials promoting travel to gay San Francisco. It’ does list 8 events, but it’s not actually news. Some look like fun.

If You’re a Fan of Peppermint Patty
…then you’re in luck, Chuck! The “Peanuts” gang is paying a visit to the San Francisco Symphony (Dec. 19 – 24) for a stunning, live-action performance “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Get ready for some jazzy tunes, dazzling vocals and mesmerizing animated backgrounds—and, of course, a feel-good holiday story.

You can read the rest here. It kind of reminds me of a tweet I saw this weekend. Someone tweeted about how gays spend Christmas and about fifty gay men replied with something like this: “Just like everyone else.”

I wish someone would do a Cindy Lou Hoo party.

Acting Gay For Money

This one is a little confusing at first, so I’m quoting verbatim so I don’t screw it up.

 Rather often these days, a self-identified “straight” public figure will be caught acting rather, well, “gay.” Maintaining a Grindr profile, for instance. Soliciting sex in a public restroom. Or being snapped by paparazzi getting cozy with another dude on the beach. And when this occurs, you can bet the man who is caught, ahem, red handed, will quickly come up with an explanation (rationalization?) for the behavior.

I see even more happen on social media that’s not mentioned in the article…many times. I also see gay men aggressively approach straight public figures in dubious ways insinuating the public figures are gay for no valid reason at all. But I wouldn’t touch these things for any amount of money in the world. It’s too risky and too hard to prove, and that’s because being called gay to these people is as bad as being called a mass murderer. It’s really a very sad commentary in a general sense, to assume there’s something wrong with being gay and to go on that kind of defense.

But it happens time and again. Merv Griffin? The biggest closet case of the 20th century next to Mayor Ed Koch…both went to their graves claiming they were not gay. I posted about this one, Ben Hobson, last month.

“I was drunk”: Ben Hobson and those pesky bipolar genes
The married father of two had everyone in tears when he shared his emotional coming out story in May of this year. Then in October, he backtracked, writing on his Facebook page: “I ‘fooled around’ with a guy while drunk a year ago and thought that meant I MUST be gay. Turns out my judgement was wrong. My mom must’ve passed down her bipolar genes onto me, but to a whole other level.”
A lapse in judgement as a result of inebriation and bipolar genes inherited from his suicidal mother. Classy.

My argument with all this always remains the same. There should be no shame or stigma ever attached to being gay, and no need to lie, make up excuses, or become aggressively defensive. That’s called homophobia, especially if you really are gay. That’s getting into self-loathing territory. The only way to change this pattern for everyone is to stop hiding out. I know many who wish they’d come out sooner, but none who ever regretted coming out in the long run.

The rest are here. 

Chase of a Christmas Dream