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Clip From CBS Show "3" with Non-fiction Author Joe Mihalic

I posted about non-fiction author, Joe Mihalic, being on a new TV reality show earlier this week and someone sent me a clip. You have to look fast; Joe’s the one in the grey shirt. And you have to get through one of those insufferable, annoying political ads these candidates are spending/wasting millions on first, but the show sounds interesting and it’s being promoted as something different than the usual reality TV we normally see.

You can view the clip here at the CBS web site.

What should be even more interesting is that Joe plans to talk about his experiences on the show, on his blog, when he’s finished and he’s able to talk about them. Now that sounds like it should be fun.

I was approached to do a reality show about romance authors last fall through a contact of my old editor’s at ravenous romance, Lori Perkins, who also happens to be a Literary Agent in NY. I haven’t heard anything about the show since I was approached, but I turned it down for one main reason, which is an important reason. I don’t consider myself to be a romance author. I write *gay* fiction, and sometimes it’s romantic. But not all the time. I don’t think it would have worked, and it wouldn’t have been very authentic. If I ever do start writing books with women in long flowing gowns on the covers, then I might consider it.

The hardest part about turning that down was that I am a shamelss fan of some reality TV, and I’ll be watching “3” right after “Big Brother,” tonight.