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Amazon Reviews, Amos Lassen, and Clicking "Was this Review Helpful?"

Post Update: When I first wrote this short post I was under the impression I’d be helping all amazon reviewers in a small way. It was last August and up until today I completely forgot about it. However, thanks to a few considerate e-mails I received this afternoon, it seems as if the information I was given last August with regards to clicking “Was this review helpful to you?” may have been incorrect. I’m honestly not sure. But I’m sorry if I misguided anyone. I’m not an expert on these things and never claimed to be. I just thought I would be passing on information and helping out all amazon reviewers. Evidently, that’s not the case.

Thanks to 23 informative amazon reviews, I just received this dog grooming kit in the mail today. The set I’ve been using on my two poodles for the past five years have seen better days, and if it hadn’t been for the helpful reviews I read on amazon for the kit I just purchased, I wouldn’t have known what I was getting. I’ll be using them this weekend on my red poodle. And since I mentioned it here, I’ll do an update post and I might even leave a review of my own to let other people know how they worked for me.

January 5, 2011

If you’ve purchased any of my books from amazon and you’ve read any of the reviews by book reviewer, Amos Lassen, please don’t forget to click “Was this review helpful to you?” after you’ve read his reviews. This goes for all the books he’s reviewed, not just mine. And he’s reviewed plenty from what I can see. Here’s a link to his list of reviews on Amazon.

I just learned that if readers click “Was this review helpful to you?” after they read a review, the reviewer gets listed as one of the top 50 reviewers, and some sort of free gift card from amazon.

These reviewers work hard. They don’t get paid to do this. They do this because they love doing it. And as a reader, I find most amazon reviews very helpful…good or bad. I find myself looking for certain popular book reviewers just because I’ve liked their reviews so much. So please support Amos Lassen, and all the other book reviewers on amazon by clicking one little button to show your support.