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My Pen Name?

I was recently asked by three different people if I use a pen name for m/m fiction.

I was a little surprised. Evidently, some people have been under the impression I do use one or two pen names for m/m fiction.

This is absolutely false. I have never used a pen name for m/m fiction and I don’t see that happening anywhere in the near future. So if you think you’re buying something I wrote and you think it’s something I published under a pen name, you’re mistaken.

I have used pen names when I’ve hopped genres. I’ve used the pen name R. Field for a short story I wrote for that has a m/f storyline. I’ve used several other pen names that are less obvious for other sub-genres I’ve written in. I used to use pen names and I can’t even remember some of them. That goes back so many years we’re talking about print books that are probably out of print by now anyway.

But I have never used a pen name for m/m fiction. Honest!

I probably should be using a pen name for my new historical romance release, A YOUNG WIDOW’S PROMISE. But I decided I’d wing it with my own name and see what happens.