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Clay Aiken Running For Office; Gay Teen Torture in Russia; Freddie Smith Car Accident

Clay Aiken Running For Office

I’ve posted about Clay Aiken, former American Idol contestant, running for office in North Carolina’s second district. But I haven’t posted any details…yet. It seems things are heating up, and a recent debate with his opponent, Renee Ellmers, shows that Aiken could be a formidable candidate at that. He’s not taking anything from anyone.
Here are a few small details:
Ellmers, chairwoman of the Republican Women’s Policy Committee, didn’t hold back on her rival’s claim to fame.

“It’s almost as if, as an entertainer, you think that means we can just go in with a song and dance and change the minds of our military leaders because you’re going to impress them so much,” Ellmers said to Aiken.

Aiken’s response,
according to CBS News: “The most embarrassing reality show right now is Congress.”

Ellmers also tied her Democratic rival to President Obama, making reference to the “Obama-Aiken” economy. Aiken called the charge “preposterous.”

“I have nothing to do with President Obama, and I can find several areas where I disagree with them,” he said.

Well done, Aiken. I hope we hear more from him soon. Frankly, I disagree with the President in several areas myself…but I never get political here on the blog. This time it’s an exception because an openly gay man is running for office. I find that newsworthy in itself. You don’t have to agree with me.

Gay Teen Torture in Russia

This is very disturbing. There’s a new HBO film out on how gay teens are allegedly lured and tortured in Russia. I hadn’t heard about it, but I’ll be doing a search. (Update: I watched it last night and was physically sick when I saw what these vigilante groups are doing to innocent gay people.)

They create profiles on social media, seduce young men into meeting them for a ‘date’, before they would be capture the victim and torture them on video.

The vigilante groups posted the horrific clips on the social networking site VK. Because of this, many of the men featured in the video were outed, forced to leave their jobs, and some committed suicide.

The anti-gay group is making claims about pedophilia and boasting about pride in torturing gays, and it’s one more reason to watch Russia very closely instead of taking this passive aggressive stand we’ve been taking for so long. Seriously. What’s happened in the US lately? Are we getting that passive we don’t care about these things anymore? (Update 2: There was one vigilante woman in the film I saw last night that I could have taken by the back of her ugly red head and dragged down the street until she begged for mercy…yes, that’s what you do to people like that.)

You can read the rest here. I missed the premiere of this film, but I’m hoping it’s on demand. The title is, Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia. Also one more reason why I still do NOT regret the stand against the Russian Olympics I took last year when everyone was telling me I was so wrong. I think it’s time to instill a little fear in THEM.

Freddie Smith Car Accident

Actor, Freddie Smith, who plays a gay character on Days of Our Lives, Sonny Kiriakis, was recently in a car accident in Ohio. He was injured and his passenger is in critical condition. From the way it sounds, the circumstances surrounding the accident don’t sound good for him.

Smith’s Kiriakis is one of the highest-profile gay characters in daytime television in the US. His character married longtime love Will Horton (played by Guy Wilson) earlier this year in a three-part episode of the show.

‘I just really love this storyline from the bottom of my heart,’ the actor told Gay Star News last year. ‘It’s nice to go to work every day and have such a positive impact.’

You can read more here about it. Another soap star who played a highly popular gay character on TV is also in Ohio for the next few weeks shooting a new film right now…a romance. I get these updates from my secret Amish source in Charm, Ohio through e-mail exchange, the one who wrote a post here a while back. Since that first e-mail exchange between us we’ve remained very good friends to this day. Hard to believe that was over two years ago, and we’ve never actually met in person. It’s all about discretion and privacy sometimes. I would do anything for that guy. I’d even go to Russia and pull a bigot down the street by the back of her ugly red head.

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