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Christopher Isherwood Movie and Male Full Frontal Nudity

First, here’s something about Christopher Isherwood, in case you haven’t heard of him.

Isherwood was a “homosexual” author in the 20th century who wrote some great fiction. And he traveled in interesting circles.

While living in Hollywood, California, Isherwood befriended Truman Capote, an up-and-coming young writer who would be influenced by Isherwood’s Berlin Stories, most specifically in the traces of the story “Sally Bowles” that surface in Capote’s famed novella, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I think it’s interesting that Capote was influenced by Isherwood. I never knew that before, not even when I parodied Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my book, The Virgin Billionaire

You can read his full bio at wiki, here. 
The other night we found a film about Isherwood’s life titled, Christopher and His Kind.  It was a TV movie in the UK, about a period in Isherwood’s life. It’s one of those rare period pieces that you can’t stop watching because there’s so little about gay culture during that time. And, there was a moment of male full frontal nudity. Brief, but it was there.

Highlight: Fifteen minutes in the movie, a young man called Ludo jumped out of bed naked and parades in the bedroom.

You can check this out here. I highly suggest watching this film because there was nothing insulting about it to gay men of any time period.

Gay Male Full Frontal Nudity IMDb

Web sites that focus on male full frontal nudity of any kind aren’t always easy to find with a simple search. I actually found this one while doing a search for the Christopher Isherwood movie and decided to share it. I’ve done searches hundreds of times and this one never came up before.

Here are the list of gay themed films, fiction (full length only) or documentary (short/full length) plus str8 films often mistaken as gay themed films, that I have watched that features male “dicks” whether by the lead actors or from the supporting cast or from the unsung extras.

You can check that out here. I believe IMDb is SFW.

Naked Guys In Movies

Here’s another web site that popped up in my searches above. I’m not trying to harp on the topic of naked men in movies, but I think it’s interesting from a cultural POV, because naked men in movies (and books) is often so frowned upon…for various reasons. I’m not getting into those reasons too deeply in a short post like this, however, I may do that in the future.

Male Cinema is an adult membership site that offers clips with scenes of male nudity from different movies.

The site do not concentrate on the personalities of the actors, but on the erotism and sexuality of the male nudity scenes from cinema of vintage and modern era.

In the members area you can download to own erotic clips from rare as well as known movies, most of them are with male frontal nudity. All the movies titles are named in members area only.

The preview section is made in form of blog with screenshots of all the clips that are in the restricted area, also giving the country were the movie comes from and the date when it was made.

Here’s the link. This one does come with photos and it’s probably NSFW, so you’ve been warned. I wouldn’t post the photos here even if I had permission. In the same respect, I don’t think this would be considered porn. I think it’s more artistic.

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