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Christmas Signed Print Book Giveaway Contest; Fangsters Books 1 and 2; Ryan Field Books on

Christmas Signed Print Book Giveaway Contest; Ryan Field Books on

This weekend I’m going to have a Christmas print book giveaway. I’ll post all the details in another post very soon. And the book I’ll be giving away is a signed print paperback copy of “A Christmas Carl.”

A Christmas Carl

Although this book was originally released with a publisher, I asked for the rights to be reverted and when I got them I decided to indie pub the book, re-release it with a new cover design, and publish it in print paperback and digital for those who still read print and those who only read e-books. Or, for those who do both. I’m never exactly sure how that works.

I will make this giveaway simple and user friendly. I came across two different giveaways this week and both were so confusing I wasn’t sure what to do, and I wasn’t the only one. I don’t want to be guilty of that.

You can check this out on Amazon where it’s available in both print and e-book. 

Ryan Field Books on

Here’s a link to my web page at My books with publishers and books I’ve indie pubbed are all there…or should be there.

The main reason I’m doing this is that I often post more about Amazon and Amazon links than I do anything else and that’s because you can only promote so much without people getting sick of you. It’s not always an easy balance. I’m always worried that when I promote my own books I wind up coming off like that guy on Facebook who never stops posting his own selfies.

But everyone has to promote for the basic fact that people deserve information. And one of my all time favorite places where e-books are sold is and I sometimes fail to give them the credit they deserve.

So here’s my general page at Allromance. If by chance this link takes you to a general page you can do an author search for “Ryan Field” in the top right hand corner. I always seem to have issues with this link.

And here are links to my Fangsters books at Allromance.

Fangsters Book 1

Fangsters Book 2