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Three Christmas Novellas in One Book

Here’s the second release I was talking about in an earlier post this week. It’s a Christmas book, with three novellas. Mine is titled THE CHRISTMAS GIFT, and it’s a continuation of characters I wrote about last year in a short Christmas Story. Here’s the link, and below is a product description from the publisher web site.

Most of the time anthologies contain a collection of many short stories. But this one is unusual in the sense that it’s three novellas, which to me, speaking as a reader, is like getting three short novels for the price of one. And I don’t see that very often.
Three delicious tales of male/male romance for the holidays!
Meet Aaron and Brant, who escape to a tropical island for the holidays, under the pretense of doing a big business deal, but end up doing each other, in EM Lynley’s CHRISTMAS BONUS.
Best-selling author Ryan Field brings back Lance and Nathan, two high school lovers who reunited on Christmas Eve, as they now explore their new relationship a year later and find the true meaning of Christmas in THE CHRISTMAS GIFT.
And finally join Alec and John, the military pilot and doctor from Chloe Stowe’s FOREVER BOUND, as they dance through another holiday of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” in FOREVER BOUND WITH TINSEL.
Don’t miss this twinkling collection of holiday lust!

Release Date for SANTA SATURDAY

I haven’t blogged much this week because I’ve been working hard with editors trying to get two Christmas novellas out as soon as possible. But I just found out DOWN THE BASEMENT: SANTA SATURDAY will be released on November 19th…more than plenty of time for a Christmas novella. And I’m still not sure about the novella I’m writing for Ravenous yet. It’s titled, THE GIFT OF CHRISTMAS, and it’s still in edits.

I’ll post more about each novella as the release dates approach. But I’d like to mention as many times as possible that they are both very different in the sense that SANTA SATURDAY is more on the modern romance-erotica side…not what I’d consider a classic romance…even though there is a happy ending and both characters are in a monogamous relationship. But THE GIFT OF CHRISTMAS is definitely a romance in the classic sense. I will try to make this clear in the back cover copy of both stories.

Looks Like I’m Doing Another Christmas Novella….

I was outside all day blowing leaves. I have three wooded acres, and I do all my own outdoor work. From October to December I spend every weekend outside blowing the leaves into the wooded areas. And today, when I came inside to check my e-mail, I had an e-mail exchange with an editor about doing a Christmas Novella. The e-mail went like this:

Editor: Can you do a Christmas novella by December 1st?

Me: I’m not sure that’s enough time. I already have one coming out and I have so much going on. But thanks for thinking of me anyway.

An hour later. I think I’m off the hook (smile).

Editor: We’d really like one. We can change deadline dates so you can work on this right now.

I hesitate before I reply this time. I wrote a Christmas story for an anthology last year titled, “Home for the Holidays,” and I’ve been dying to develop those two main characters for a long time. So I reply fast.

Me: Okay. I’ll do it.

Editor: Thanks!!

And I really am looking forward to doing this novella. Out of all the characters I’ve written, these two, Nathan and Lance, stick with me all the time…for some reason I can’t explain. So I’ll be posting about two Christmas novellas this season. This week blog posts may be scarce while I’m working on this new one.