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Kindle Fire: Christmas Idea

Since I’ve been posting about digital readers and tablets all month, I figured I’d better mention the Kindle Fire.

I don’t own one, so I’m not speaking from personal experience. But the friend I’ve spoken about before on this blog, who is a long time literary agent, does have a Kindle Fire and he tells me he loves it.

In fact, he reads queries and manuscripts on it while he’s at home or on vacation. And this is big for him. He’s never been a huge fan of digital anything. So far, I haven’t heard a single complaint.

So here’s a link to the Kindle Fire where you can check it out yourselves.

Christmas Ideas: Kobo e-ink Reader…Can E-books Be As Personal As Print Books?

Since I posted about the Nook, I figured I’d provide a link for the Kobo e-ink reader.
I do own one of these and I love it. I have no complaints. It’s simple to use and for me it provides a very personalized digital reading experience. In fact, this comfortable, personal “feeling” was the last thing I expected when I bought this e-reader.

The personal aspect is something readers don’t hear about often. We read books, for the most part, for entertainment and comfort. And I think it’s important to mention this part of the experience when making the switch from print books to e-books. I know I hesitated about e-books for a long time because the concept of reading digital books seemed so impersonal. When my first Kobo e-ink reader came in I left it sitting on the desk for almost two weeks.

But when I finally sat down and started reading, I actually found the reading experience itself to be personal and comfortable. I now prefer it to print books because it’s more comfortable, and can’t imagine going back to reading print books unless it is absolutely necessary.