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Free Bad Boy Book on ARe; Ted Haggard After Gay Scandal

Free Bad Boy Book on ARe

I’m late with posting about this because I honestly didn’t know the first book in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, The Ivy League Rake, was being offered for free today on

There are eight books in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, and I’m just now finishing up the final book, The Small Town Romance Writer.

I’ve posted about TILR here, with excerpts and a blurb. And here’s the link where you can download it for free in ARe.

As a side note, I tried to get the Chase series in this program weeks ago at ARe and I was very disappointed when they told me there was no more room. I figured next time, and forgot all about it. And what a nice surprise to come home today and find out Ravenous Romance had been working on this all along.

Ted Haggard After Gay Scandal

Ted Haggard had it all, from money to power, as one of the most influential people in the so-called bible belt of America. And then this happened.

But his life changed abruptly when former male escort Mike Jones alleged that Haggard — who had condemned homosexuality as a sin — paid him for sex and methamphetamine. At first, Haggard denied the claims, but when Jones released voicemails of Haggard asking for drugs, he eventually admitted to “sexual immorality” and to buying methamphetamine. He was forced to resign from the church he led for 22 years.

That was seven years ago. Where are the Haggards today?

The article goes on to mention how Haggard has managed to keep his wife and family, and also a small ministry in Colorado. And it’s hard to comment on this because it’s his life and he has every right (equal rights) to choose whatever he wants without being condemned by me or anyone else.

However, gay people only ask the same in return. And I don’t think that’s too much to ask.