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Happy Belated Birthday Chris Pine

Happy Belated Birthday Chris Pine

Actor Chris Pine turned 33 yesterday, and thanks to spam I found out the hard way. A freelance blogger had e-mailed me earlier this month about doing a guest post here about Chris Pine’s 33rd birthday, it went to spam, and I didn’t see it until this morning.

I need to check spam more often. I hate missing out on things like that and I would have gladly let him do a guest post. If you ever do send someone an e-mail like that and you don’t get a reply, re-send it just in case it went to spam. It happens.

I’ve posted about Chris Pine a few times and I have had so many replies to those posts I figured I would mention his birthday today, though belated as it is. I’ve been a fan myself to a certain extent, and I just saw a film he was in that really did blow me away, Small Town Saturday Night. He’s more than just a pretty face, so to speak.

In any event, you can read more about Pine, here. And I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.