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King Cobra Reviews; Mean Girls Star Daniel Franzese Starbucks Proposal; Chris Conroy In Moody Blue

King Cobra Reviews

This one will be short and sweet.

IndieWire called King Cobra “possibly the best film ever made about the business end of America’s gay [adult film industry]” — and also described James Franco‘s character as “an an aging bottom with big ambition.”

In this article they make it appear all the reviews are spectacular, which leads me to believe this is a possible advertorial. The truth is the reviews have been mixed. Here’s one from Variety.

While Clayton plays it earnest, the movie lapses into outright caricature whenever Franco’s character appears, making it clear that this latest nutcase is just another tongue-in-cheek invention, as far removed from his true self as the Alien he played in “Spring Breakers.” 

I haven’t seen KC so I can’t comment, and I don’t plan to see it. Several of the people who were involved in the real life incident that the film is based on have completely distanced themselves from the entire film, and that’s enough for me.

You can read more here, and the comments all seem to agree this time, which is unusual.

Mean Girls Star Daniel Franzese Starbucks Proposal

I know a lot of you get tired of these proposals, but I like them, I think a lot of other people like them, and it’s better than me posting about that horrible Dan Savage’s opinion on politics.

So here’s the proposal story…

It all went down in a North Hollywood Starbucks; the same spot Mean Girls and Looking star Daniel Franzese first met his partner, Joseph Bradley Philips.

After luring his unsuspecting boyfriend to the spot, the 38-year-old actor finally worked up the nerve to pop the big question.

Here’s the rest. You’ll like it, and it’s so nice to see something positive in the news for a change.

Chris Conroy In Moody Blue

I don’t know much about this one.

If you haven’t hopped on board with Mr. Robot, USA’s bleak-but-sexy take on the current moment’s Matrix-esque elements of artificial finance and mass complacency, it’s time to come to the dark side.

For no other reason, the show’s breakout star, Rami Malek, achieves hacker chic like no other.
But Rami isn’t the only visual stimulus package to appear on the program.

There’s more here.

And you’ll want to check out the comments, too.

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