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New Adult Erotic Romance…Untitled

I’ve been working on a Christmas story, which is something I never do this time of year. But I wanted to do this one for several reasons. One is that I’m truly captivated by the “new adult” genre. Another is because the idea came to me and I decided to get it out “there.”

Here’s the blurb, so far, which is subject to change. I still haven’t come up with a title yet. But I know something will come to me.

The concept of “new adult” interests me partly because so many seem so passionate about it, and partly because so many know-it-all-types within the publishing industry are dismissing it. And “new adult” is over eighteen, which makes for interesting erotic romance. I know I was having plenty of erotic romance between the ages of eighteen and twenty, and I’m sure they are still doing it.

According to this, new adult is:

…they fit in a new, previously-unidentified genre called ‘New Adult’. JJ from St Martin’s Press explains that, ‘New Adult [fiction] is about young adulthood, when you are an adult but have not established your life as one (career, family, what-have-you)’.

Blurb for story:

A young veterinarian in his twenties who works as an ER doc at a 24 hour animal clinic is stranded in a snow storm on Xmas Eve during the midnight shift, when a good looking guy walks in with a basket full of newborn lab puppies and a mother who is near death.