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Pink Pumpkins; Jessica Lange Pens Children’s Book

Pink Pumpkins

It’s that time of year again, and the Pink Pumpkin Foundation is selling pink pumpkins to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.

The foundation will oversee the donations, and ensure that the funds go directly to reputable organizations with the highest percentage of dollars spent on actual research. We aim to be transparent, with a board that volunteers its’ time, no paid employees and low administrative costs.

I posted about this last year at this time and couldn’t find any in my area. I’ll be looking again this year.

Jessica Lange Pens Children’s Book

I’ve posted about Lange before because of the new American Horror Story season that’s focusing on witches. (It’s a great season). And now Lange is getting ready to launch a new children’s book.

From the New York Times

Steve Geck, the Sourcebooks editorial manager, said in a telephone interview that the book tells the story of two young girls who visit their grandmother on “a ramshackle farm.” There, Mr. Geck said, “They come upon an old birdcage, and when they ask her about it, she tells them the story, how she grew up in France and had this bird as a pet and what it meant to her.” He added that the book “captures that moment in childhood where children realize there’s a world that exists beyond themselves, and there’s a history beyond themselves.”

I love Jessica Lange, and always have. But I have to say I find it interesting when someone who stars in an adult themed show for mature audiences only…the disclaimer at the beginning of each show is clearly made known…writes children’s books. And I’m only saying that because I write gay erotic romance, not because I’m making a judgmental comment. If I were to approach a publisher or agent about writing a children’s book I would not only have to change my name and identity, I would have to hide all previous book publications and hope and pray they were never revealed.


Maybe we’ll see a children’s book from E.L. James…Fifty Shades of Awesomeness (or something like that).