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Bully Victim Lies; Cheyenne Jackson Cries; Mike Huckabee Tries

Bully Victim Lies

This is something I would rather not bother posting, however, because I was taken in by it last weekend I figured I would follow with an update. Someone sent me a link to a blog post about an author I’d never heard of who had allegedly been bullied and I felt so sorry for her I linked to her and offered my support. Big mistake. Someone sent me another link earlier today to a blog post about how this alleged bully victim uses bullying as an excuse to get attention and to sell more self-published books.

You can read more about that here. This web site alleges this author has never been bullied and goes by many pen names and fake identities.

I won’t even bother to post her name here. But I can tell you for certain I’LL never forget it. I don’t like being played, especially with something as serious as bullying. It’s also the last time I post on THIS topic without personal, solid proof.

Some authors really need to start rethinking how they intend to game the system. The rest of us who aren’t gaming are getting sick and tired of you. But more important, we’re catching on to you, too.

 Cheyenne Jackson Cries

He was considered the all American boy next door type. He was hugely famous for his Broadway work and he was with the same man for years. But a few years ago things changed and he wound up leaving his husband, dealing with substance abuse issues, and a tarnished reputation.

‘You know it’s funny, for so long I was seen as the All American blue-eyed sweet boy – that had been my image,’ Jackson says in the April issue of The Rage Monthly. ‘Because I was good at managing it so carefully, no one even knew that I had struggled with drugs and alcohol for 20 years.’

He makes it sound overwhelming.

‘No one had really ever said anything bad about me and that was the hardest thing,’ Jackson admits. ‘With everything that has happened over the last year and a half, all of the stuff in the press, I kind of got raked over the coals.’

You can read more here. Liz Taylor is probably up in Hollywood heaven right now yawning.

Mike Huckabee Tries

A lot of people will not expect me to say this, but I actually understand it when Mike Huckabee says he’s not homophobic just because he’s against gay marriage. I believe him. I don’t think he’s a hater. He believes what he’s been taught about the bible to the point where he’s not afraid to speak up about it no matter how bad it makes him look. And while I feel so sorry for the fact that he’s probably not completely in touch with reality I find it hard to fault him for that. Most gay people are not anti-Christian…many are Christians…and they believe gay marriage should be legal because it’s the right thing to do, morally and ethically.

During a keynote address to the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition this week, Huckabee reiterated that he believes marriage should be between one man and one woman because he is ‘on the right side of the Bible.’

‘I’m not against anybody, I’m really not,’ he insisted. ‘I’m not a hater. I’m not homophobic.’

When you’re dealing with someone who bases his or her values on any form of organized religion (I’m not talking about spirituality; just organized religion) it’s just not possible to argue a point with them. It’s been ingrained in them from birth in most cases and no matter how much logic you use it’s not going to work. I learned this years ago in college taking a course called The Bible As Literature. There are so many ways to interpret literature…and The Bible…it’s almost impossible to find on clear cut definition for anything. Unless, of course, you belong to an organized religion that is focused on controlling minds and making money in the name of The Bible.

But we’re all free to believe what we want to believe. I just thank the powers all around us that we can’t see not everyone feels the same way as Mike Huckabee, and that most people know the difference between fiction and reality.

You can read more here.

Side note: I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about Huckabee in the future. I don’t know why. It’s just a hunch.