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Gay For You: Matt Bomer Made Him Gay!!

I came across one of the most amusing posts I’ve seen in a long time, written by Chez Pazienza. You can read more about him here. He has some interesting credentials. The photo isn’t bad either. But most of all you’ll love his kind of sort of gay for you article about how Matt Bomer turned him gay. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve always considered myself a straight guy, despite a past littered with deviant sexual exploits of all shapes, sizes and proclivities. But I’m not ashamed to say that you, Matt Bomer, have made me gay. You are sincerely the best looking man anyone’s loins have ever deposited on this planet. Gazing into your steely blue eyes and upon your flawlessly chiseled features, your just-right amount of maybe two o’clock shadow, your perfectly groomed hair that comes loose to hang free at all the proper moments, and of course your 50s-style John Varvatos and Paul Smith suits and exquisite placement of pocket squares — it’s simply all too much to take. It turns me into a puddle of sigh and makes my two-sizes-too-small heart go pitter-patter. It’s like touching the face of Jesus while having a rainbow made of baby smiles jammed up your ass and sucking off a unicorn.

It’s a good thing Chez doesn’t live near me. I know a guy who could be Matt Bomer’s double and no one would notice. Of course he doesn’t think so, and he’d kill me if he saw that I’d even mentioned this on the blog. But they are identical.

So while Matt Bomer remains happily married with his family, there’s still hope for you straight guys out there who find Bomer so irresistible.