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What’s a Booty Bong; "Cherry Soda Cowboy" Release Day

The past two days I’ve spent going back and forth with an editor at discussing edits for my upcoming erotic gay romance, “Fangters.” And sometimes these discussions can get amusing, with regard to erotic romance, if the editor isn’t familiar with me. This time a few interesting questions came up, one of which was “What’s a booty bong?”

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have known what the hell a booty bong was if I hadn’t heard it mentioned on the TV show “Shameless,” a few months ago. They used a slightly different term, but it’s the same thing. I was watching with Tony, so I asked him and he just shrugged. Later that night I went out to the dining room and sat down with my tablet. I googled the term I’d heard on “Shameless,” and found the most interesting definition over at Urban Dictionary.

Evidently, this booty bong thing is highly popular in some circles. So when I started to write “Fangsters,” I decided to use it in one of the sex scenes. In my book, vampires don’t eat or drink anything but blood. But I also wanted to write a scene where the vampire could enjoy the pleasures of alcohol, without actually ingesting it orally. In the scene, the character with whom he’s about to make love doesn’t know he’s a vampire. And when the character asks him if he wants a martini the vampire lies and says his stomach can’t tolerate alcohol. It makes him sick to his stomach the instant he drinks it. That’s not a total lie, because vampires can’t drink alcohol. But to make the scene a little more interesting…and funny…the other character came up with a little surprise so the vampire could enjoy the benefits of alcohol, and still not have to drink it orally. It’s very amusing, especially because the vampire himself had never heard of booty bang.

For those of you who haven’t heard of booty bong, here’s link to urban dictionary where you’ll get a good description. As a side note, it was even more amusing to answer the questions the editor from Riverdale had about booty bong (Is it even possible?). I can’t even imagine his face while he was reading it. I’m sure it’s something that will make some reviewers shudder and cross their legs. But I’m not writing for book reviewers, I’m writing for people who I think want to be entertained with a few silly little things sometimes, like booty bongs and burping penises. Check out the booty bong link and you’ll see what I mean.

“Cherry Soda Cowboy” Release Day

This is the first self-pubbed .99 e-book I’ve released for a while. It’s been a busy year so far and I haven’t had as much time to devote to self-publishing as I’d like to have.

I orignally planned to release this one around Memorial Day Weekend. But I’ve changed my mind. If all goes as planned, and I get a few things out of the way, I’m releasing it much sooner. It’s all set and ready to go. I only have to put on my serious editor cap and give it one final read to make sure the copy editor didn’t miss anything. As soon as I do this, I’ll put it up on Amazon. Frankly, I don’t even see the point in holding back anymore. I know some who would disagree. But I think readers would rather have the books out and pick them up whenever they want, and the old concept of a set release date seems kind of poinltess and dated to me now.

So I will post soon about when the book is up on Amazon.