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Cherry Soda Cowboy Release; Don’t Take Marriage Advice from a Hooker

Today my new story, Cherry Soda Cowboy, was released on Amazon and in a few other places. The product descriptions can be found there along with a book description and an excerpt. It is a .99 e-book and I didn’t opt in to the KDP Select program. The reason for that is simple. If I had done KDP select, I would have been locked into a three month exclusive with Amazon and I wouldn’t have been able to put the book up in places like or Smashwords. While I do like KDP, I don’t want to penalize readers who shop mainly at Allromanceebooks or any other place. In other words, I did this for readers and their convenience.

Here’s a book description as it reads on Amazon. And here’s a link to Amazon. I’ll post more links to other web sites where e-books are sold as I get them. It takes a while to upload to other web sites.

It’s the middle of the Twenty-First Century and all sugary soft drinks have been outlawed throughout the country. Cars are electric, vans have three wheels, and all commercial TV is streamed through the Internet. But guys are still cruising and meeting each other on the down low. In spite of the fact that gay marriage is now legal, we have our first lesbian President, and there’s been a cure for AIDS, there’s just something about the element of danger involved with cruising state parks that some men can’t seem to shake no matter how hard they try. And now that sugary soft drinks are illegal and considered dangerous substances of abuse, it’s even more exciting to cruise with a can of soda concealed in a brown paper bag. When one quiet, attractive young man from Montana goes looking for this kind of excitement early one morning at a state park, it never occurs to him he’ll meet the cherry soda cowboy of his dreams.
Why Men Cheat
My story, Cherry Soda Cowboy, is NOT about infidelity. But I do get into the topic of infidelity with a comment and a few minor characters, so I thought this recent article from Huff Po was an interesting combination with the release date of CSC.
The article is about a very high end female escort who talks about married men and some of the reasons why men cheat. Personally, I take this all with a huge grain of salt. Nothing against paid escorts, but the day I take advice from an escort to heart about marriage you can sign me into the nearest mental hospital. Because, for me, taking advice from an escort/hooker about long term marriage and fidelity is like taking parenting advice from someone without children. But it is interesting and I thought I’d share.
“I’ve spent years hearing men tell me why their relationships failed and why they slept with escorts or other women,” the 37-year-old Brit told The Sun. “I know better than anyone just what it is that women do that drives men away.”
Blah, blah, blah. As my Australian friend would say, “She doesn’t know her arse from a hole in the ground.”  
First, I don’t see any men hanging around HER for too long. Second, I think she’s full of crap. I’m with my partner for twenty years and I know a few things she’s never learned. But you don’t see Huff Po asking for my opinion.
Third, she makes the ridiculous assumption that it’s only men who cheat. And we all know that’s not true. And I have good straight male friends going through divorces who can back me up.   
Moral to this story: never take advice from a hooker on marriage. It doesn’t make sense. And if it doesn’t make sense the odds are it’s not true.