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Focus On Erotic Romance CBS Sunday Morning; Cherry Soda Cowboy Cover

On Sunday, Charles Osgood will focus on erotic romance novels and e-publisher Ellora’s Cave, on the TV show CBS Sunday morning.

Correspondent Bill Geist goes under the covers for a report on the boom in steamy erotic romance novels, where e-readers are helping drive sales, for the “The Money Issue” of CBS SUNDAY MORNING WITH Charles Osgood to be broadcast March 24, 2013 (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network.

Geist travels to Texas to speak with Desiree Holt, a 76-year-old grandmother, who is a prolific author of what’s been dubbed “Mommy Porn,” one of the fastest-growing segments of the publishing industry. Holt has written 142 novels since 2007 and credits the evolution of the electronic reader with boosting sales.

I know the term “Mommy Porn,” has really pissed more than a few people off (I’m not fond of it either), but the mainstream press always needs to categorize something new (erotic romance is new to the mainstream), and they almost always dub it with something stupid. Just read any headline on any Huff Po article on any given day and then read between the lines.

The fact remains that a lot of people read erotic romance and just based on my readers alone I couldn’t come up with a set target if I tried. So I’m going to DVR this and watch it later tomorrow. I’m thrilled to see erotic romance getting any kind of mainstream attention…even if the mainstream media gets it wrong once again. At least they are “getting” something about it. It’s also nice to see an erotic romance publisher like Ellora’s Cave get a mention. I’ve never pubbed anything with them, but I’ve read some of their books and I’ve liked them.

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“Cherry Soda Cowboy”

Above is the almost finished cover for my upcoming self-pubbed erotic romance, “Cherry Soda Cowboy.” I’ve posted an excerpt here (this post will show you how I changed the title, but the story is still the same), I’ve talked about it here, and I’ll post more in the months to come.

The release date is going to be the Friday of Memorial Day weekend in May. It will be a .99 Amazon e-book, and I’m opting into KDP select for three months. I’m not sure what the exact date is yet, but I’ll post it soon. I also have one full length novel coming out on April 30th, with Riverdale, titled, “Fangsters,” and a new Bad Boy Billionaire book coming out as well.