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ABC Documentary The Secrets of Gay Saunas; Sean Cody Star Found Guilty; Using the Rainbow Flag For a Target

ABC Documentary The Secrets of Gay Saunas 

I have to admit I’m curious about this, too. I’ve never been to a gay sauna and I’ve often wondered what they’re like. I’m assuming the gay reference is bathhouse, not sauna.  Or maybe the two are interchangeable? I’ve heard a few that are portrayed as health clubs, too.

Unfortunately, the documentary won’t be aired in the US. It’s ABC in Australia.

Secrets of the Gay Sauna is a “documentary” that goes inside the “gentlemen’s relaxation zone” of CS2, a popular sauna in Nottingham U.K. Viewers get behind-the-scenes peeks at the management, visitors, and the poor chap whose job it is to clean up.

“On some levels CS2 in Nottingham much like any normal, conventional sauna,” producers say. “It has a power shower, a jacuzzi and some changing rooms. But it’s upstairs that is unique to a gay sauna.”

“Here, over 1000 sq. ft of space is put aside to cater to every sexual need from ‘dark rooms’ to ‘sex swings’.”

Now I’m not sure if I should regret never going to one.

You can read the rest here.  

Sean Cody Star Found Guilty

Not long ago, I posted about a porn star and how he allegedly tried to extort money from a gay Republican millionaire. Evidently, these things move fast and the porn star was found guilty.

 As we reported yesterday, 51-year-old Burns admitted under oath this week to paying Brank for sex “at least four times” and giving him $1500 to $2500 “referral fees” anytime the 25-year-old adult film star introduced him to new male paramours.

 After the relationship soured, however, Brank threatened to publish explicit photos of Burns if the millionaire didn’t fork over $1.5 million, a $180,000 Audi8 sports car, a motorcycle, and buy him a lavish condo in L.A.

There’s more here, with a link to another piece about how David Geffen was brought into all this. The porn star could be facing up to 53 years in prison.

Using the Rainbow Flag for a Target

It sounds like some bad boys need a little attention with this one. And the best way to get it is to use the rainbow flag as a shooting target. And the overall message they are sending out is probably about as bad as it gets.

Heard of The Oklahoma Run n’ Gun? Because the human war crimes responsible for this cultural abortion have certainly heard of you. Last week, two beardy, beery members of the “biathalon combining running and shooting” decided to post a picture on Facebook, which a lot of people — including us — aren’t too happy about.

Clutching automatic rifles and flashing shit-eating grins, two hallucinogenically creepy dudes flank a target done up to resemble the rainbow flag. The caption, which curiously features no misspellings, reads: “New high visibility targets on the 500 yard range.”

The rest is here. Check out the comments.

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