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Cher on Wigs; Bear or Otter? Anderson Cooper on Adam Levine

Cher on Wigs

Cher had a few interesting comments about Conshita Wurst’s wig. Wurst is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contesnt, and Cher also had a few nice things to say as well.

The Dark Lady singer and living legend described the Austrian singer and future gay icon as someone she respected and admired.

She said: ‘#Eurovision Winner is Fascinating 2 Pieces of Advice..U Deserve a Lovelier Name & Wig This is NOT SHADE I Respect & AdmireYour Resolve.’

I just wish I could understand this “future gay icon” thing a little better. I don’t have any icons like Cher. Most of the gay men I know don’t have any icons. I like Cher. I’m sure she’s a nice person. I respect her hard work, but I don’t want to be Cher and I wouldn’t stand in a long line to see her. I’m not all that fond of her music. I find Chaz a lot more interesting.

You can read more here.

Bear or Otter?

Actually, speaking of things I don’t always get, here’s another one. I never understood the whole animal classification deal with gay men. But I do like this piece.

According to this article, a gay cartoonist has come up with a way to classify all gay males as animals, among other things. And this time he does it with humor and it’s hysterical.

While you might know how to spot your chickens from your bears, a gay cartoonist has decided to widen the field.

The author of Adventures In Gay, who goes by Hat, has created highly scientific classifications to decipher the typical gay male.

You can read more here, and see the video. I love things like this because it means they are laughing with us and not at us.

“A gay guy who is closed on Sunday is a Post Orifice.”

Anderson Cooper on Adam Levine

After Adam Levine bleached his hair platinum blond, many started commenting and making comparisons to Anderson Cooper’s looks. So Cooper took it in his stride and made a few of his own comments.

Cooper provides plenty of photographic side-by-side evidence that even with the platinum hair, the two men look nothing alike.

For example, while Levine was famously on the cover of People Magazine as ‘The Sexiest Man Alive,’ one of Cooper’s covers was for Web MD magazine.

‘Adam has moves like Jagger and I always thought I had moves like (fellow CNN anchor) Wolf Blizter.’

Although I have to admit that Adam Levine once had a memorable feature in Architectural Digest where his home was the focus of some interesting elements of design, I find Cooper more attractive than Levine. It’s not just about looks either.

You can read more here.