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Chelsea Handler’s Homophobic Gay Jokes; Rupert Everett On Gay Actors Not Getting Straight Roles; Pre-Marriage Equality In Taiwan

Chelsea Handler’s Homophobic Gay Jokes

Apparently, Chelsea Handler made more gay jokes about Lindsey Graham yesterday during National Coming Out Day, and they backfired. I guess I must have missed it, because I stopped following her years ago on Twitter. I thought she was homophobic 10 years ago.

Finally, people spoke up. I’ve been sick of her gay jokes for a long time…in fact, for years. And I don’t care if they’re about Lindsey Graham or Elton John. I don’t like them and I find them offensive.

Unfortunately for her, the joke bombed. Turns out people don’t find gay jokes as funny as they did back in 2007 when Handler was, ya know, relevant.

You can read it all, here. I’m finally starting to think that if you live long enough just once in a while you’ll see people “get” it, and stand up for something that really bothers them.

Rupert Everett On Gay Actors Not Getting Straight Roles

Whenever I see a discussion about straight actors cashing in on gay roles, someone always says that if straight actors can’t play gay roles, gay actors shouldn’t be playing straight roles. And it makes no sense. First, they don’t give straight roles to openly gay actors. Second, the majority of roles out there are straight, and so is the majority of content straight. Everything is straight. Nothing about it is fair and balanced. This is why I’m always ready to support anything with gay content that comes along.

In any event, Rupert Everett made a few interesting comments on gay actors not getting straight roles.

And now the straights have taken the gay’s parts, and it’s not going the other way. It’s still not going the other way. What we’ve got to get to the point of…there was a drama in the last few weeks about a Disney film [Jungle Cruise] that cast a straight actor in a gay role. Which, of course, for the young, gay actors in the UK has to be very frustrating. But, more than getting to play the gay part, I don’t see why they’re not getting to play the fucking straight parts! That is where, I think, phobia still exists. And it’s not a phobia in terms of a hatred or violence, it’s a kind of straight man’s phobia.

Here’s the rest. It’s a long interview, and it’s very good. And if you haven’t read any of Rupert Everett’s books you should. I found him a long time ago and I love what he’s written. I became a fan of his work back when we were all still reading print books. 

Pre-Marriage Equality In Taiwan

Here’s something positive on the global front. I find it interesting how the process works in each place. 

Taiwan will likely have three marriage equality related referendums next month as two pro-marriage equality referendums get the green light.

Here’s the link. I hope this continues to move forward. 

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