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Hollywood’s Well-Endowed Men; Checking Testicles; Catholic Priest’s Double Life

Hollywood’s Well-Endowed Men

Of course this won’t change any one’s life one way or another, but it’s a little trivia I found interesting and thought I would share. This is allegedly a list of Hollywood’s most well-endowed actors, and some of the names might surprise you. This one, below, didn’t actually surprise me. I could have guessed. There’s just something about him. And, in his case size doesn’t really matter anyway.

When Owen Wilson and his buddy Woody Harrelson traveled to Peru together, paparazzi managed to snap photos of them bathing in an irrigation ditch wearing nothing but their boxers. Owen’s sopping wet underwear left little to the imagination and showed off the size of his equipment. Maybe these two should swap names?

You can read more here.

Checking Testicles

Here’s a link to an article I saw last night about rugby players who are taking testicular cancer seriously and doing something about it. This is a highly significant disease for men, and I personally know someone who had to deal with it about twenty years ago. Because he caught it fast enough, he’s still here today.

In an effort to raise money for the Balls to Cancer charity, these hunky athletes dropped their pants in a Maverick TV segment to demonstrate how screening for testicular cancer is really done, utilizing everything from compact mirrors to an ultrasound system.

Side note: someone pointed out to me they aren’t really rugby players. I don’t know and I’m not researching it for the post. The point of the post…and what these guys are doing…is to make men more aware of testicular cancer, not sports.

Catholic Priest’s Double Life

The next article discusses a Catholic priest who has been living a double life, and he finally admitted it openly. In this case, he was married to a woman in secret. He’s not gay. However, when he admitted his double life, he admitted a lot more that the church doesn’t like to acknowledge.

Following his televised revelations – and his plans to expand on them in a forthcoming book – he has been removed from his position and has since been excommunicated.

Fr Lee, a priest for 20 years, said he made little effort to keep his relationship under wraps after he met Josephina in the Philippines and married her in secret.

He said: ‘People in the hierarchy probably knew or were prepared to turn a blind eye.’

He’s also writing a book, and claims that the church knows there are more priests like him, and many are living double lives. A spokesperson from the church denied this claim.

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about lately for personal reasons. Tony and I recently discovered that friends we knew very well about eighteen years ago are/were both Catholic priests living a double life right here in New Hope. And one is/was a bishop, the other a monsignor. We only found out by accident because they recently listed their home for sale and we were curious to see how much they listed it for because we’ve been thinking about listing our home. When we did a *public* search we noticed completely different names for these people who at one time had been very close friends. And when we did a second search with their real names, we discovered the truth about them and the double lives they’ve been living right in our own proverbial backyard all these years. In this case, both bishop and monsignor are gay, there is proof all over the Internet of their double lives, and there are even photos of them giving out communion and posing in clerics. I could write about this in a book.

It’s a difficult topic to write about because I still feel duped and insulted. To think that you know people so well, on a personal basis where you spend holidays and birthdays, and then you find out they’ve been lying to you all that time isn’t easy to swallow. In fact, it’s downright creepy.