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Chechnya Allegedly Rounding Up Gay Men Again; Oral Sex and Gonorrhea; FREE Gay Book Giveaway On Goodreads For "A Christmas Carl"

Chechnya Allegedly Rounding Up Gay Men Again

Here’s more about what’s been happening in Chechnya.

The group says it has received more calls from Chechnya in the last 72 hours. And it says they contained credible evidence that arrests are happening again.

It has been over three months since the persecution of more than 100 gay men began.

State Authorities hunted down, arrested, and tortured men because of their sexuality. Many were reportedly incarcerated in concentration camps.

You can check out more here. I still haven’t seen this really trending in the mainstream media…yet.

Oral Sex and Gonorrhea

This is particularly disturbing because the disease is allegedly developing a resistance to the antibiotics that are normally used.

The bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea causes the sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Unprotected sex or sharing unwashed sex toys can cause the spread of the STI. Experts think the introduction of PrEP has led to an increase in men having sex without condoms.

There’s more here. It goes on to mention something I never heard of…super gonorrhea. The article also mentions the misuse of antibiotics by doctors could also be causing a resistance.

FREE Gay Book Giveaway On Goodreads For A Christmas Carl

Here’s a link to where my publisher, Riverdale Ave Books, is doing a giveaway with one of my books this month, A Christmas Carl.

You can center the contest here, at Goodreads. I’m kind of attached to this book in particular because when I wrote it I was very disappointed that Hillary Clinton didn’t get the nomination to run for President in 2008. And I NEVER put politics into fiction. I just don’t do that, mainly because I’m not very political. However, in this one book I did add Hillary to the ghost of Christmas future section…where it’s mentioned that she finally does become President when she’s in her nineties. I only mention this briefly…a sentence or two…and I still have this feeling that Hillary might just surprise us all in the future.

If you believe in Christmas miracles, second chances, and absolute true love, then this remarkable journey of rediscovery will guide you through one selfish man’s quest to recapture everything he thought he’d stopped loving.

Wealthy Carl Smite, owner of a high-end antiques store in Greenwich Village, hates Christmas so much he takes the last dollar bill from a sick delivery boy with one leg on Christmas Eve. Carl despises everything that is good and pure about Christmas, including the fact that his employee devotes his time to handing out free dinners at a homeless shelter.

But when Carl goes to sleep on Christmas Eve, he never expects to receive a visit from the ghost of his former business partner, Marty Keller. Marty explains that Carl will have a visit from three Christmas ghosts that night.

The solemn Ghost of Christmas Past takes Carl back to a Christmas when he was in love with the most wonderful man in the world. The lighter, beautiful Ghost of Christmas Present shows Carl what happened to the love of his life and introduces him to the son he never knew he had. And the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, who is actually the flamboyant ghost of gay icon Quentin Crisp, shows Carl the horrible things that will happen to him, and all the people he loves, if he doesn’t start loving again.

And while Carl is working through a Christmas Eve he’ll never forget, the romance moves toward a joyful climax of enlightenment and transition as he searches for the true meaning of life and hope. By the time Carl wakes up on Christmas morning, will he be ready to reclaim his lost love and give back what he’s taken from the world?