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Fred Karger Documentary and Gay History; Internet Offended by Nick Jonas Sex Scene; Penis Chastity Belt

Fred Karger Documentary and Gay History

Four years ago I posted endlessly about Fred Karger. He ran for President of the United States, as an openly gay man. He was the only openly gay man to my knowledge who has ever done this. He’s also been deeply involved in civil rights and the right to marry. If you do a simple search at the top of this blog you’ll find many things about him.

In any event, Karger now has a documentary up on Youtube.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – After much anticipation and numerous requests, the one hour documentary FRED by John Fitzgerald Keitel is available beginning today on YouTube: CLICK HERE

Karger is still making gay history.

From my inbox:

 FRED tells the story of Fred Karger’s historic campaign for President in 2012.

The highly acclaimed documentary will be available for a limited time and commercial free on John’s YouTube channel and web site:  CLICK HERE

FRED premiered on July 14, 2014 at the Sundance Sunset 5 Theater in Hollywood to a packed house of invited guests and was followed by an after party at Malibu Fish Grill.

Internet Offended by Nick Jonas Sex Scene

I’ve never seen anything Nick Jonas has done, and I don’t watch the TV show, Kingdom, so I’m going to recuse myself from this one. I’m only stating facts.

Nate is drugged at a party and winds up in a threesome with a man and a woman. The next morning, he clearly feels upset and angry; the victim of a sexual assault.

Many find it a bitter pill to swallow after months of waiting to see if the character would ever get to live out his gay sexual fantasies.

Evidently, fans were not happy with this and it sounds as if they wanted more romance and honesty instead of the same old gay tropes that the mainstream is so famous for producing. But I’m only speculating. I don’t know that for sure. And the odds are I’m not going to find out because I don’t watch Kingdom.

You can check this out here

Penis Chastity Belt

I’m also not familiar with this. I’ve never even seen a penis chastity belt. I truly do not even know what they are used for and I’m not searching that out right now.

A man arrested for drunk driving had a chastity belted locked to his penis.
Curtis Eidam, 35, was detained after he and a female passenger drove through a DUI checkpoint in Knoxville, Tennessee, last month.

You can read more here.

You’ll find the comments amusing.



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