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A Look Inside: Chase of a Lifetime, And Future Projects

I just saw that Amazon posted a preview of “Chase of a Lifetime.” For those who don’t know, if you click on the link here, and then click on the cover image on Amazon for COAL, a new window will pop up and there’s a sample of the book.

It’s a decent sized sample, too. I don’t know how this part of the publishing process is done on Amazon. I didn’t choose what the preview would be and I didn’t choose the length of the preview. I’ve read some previews that are just a few pages. I’ve read some where you get the prologue and nothing else. With COAL, you get the entire first chapter and part of the second.

I’m happy with that. If I had been able to choose I would have done the same thing. There’s enough there to set the story up and to show the basic quality of the book. We’ve worked on formatting all week and did our best to correct all the problems with those few indentations that weren’t working. I didn’t see any last time I went through the book. I hope my e-readers are showing the same thing other e-readers are showing.

In any event, the preview is up for those who would like to check it out. Like I posted the first day I announced I was doing this book on Amazon, it’s a quiet humble little venture I hope will allow me the freedom to do a few things I normally wouldn’t be able to do with publishers. Right now I’m working on something interesting…a novel that gets into doms and subs. I’ve never done that before (at least not in fiction 🙂 and I wanted to give it a try. The main theme revolves around a sub who can’t get enough dom, but is always torn between what he thinks is “normal” and “too much.” In other words, like so many, he’s plagued with guilt for a good deal of the book. And I’m not sure he’ll ever get over it.

And please look for my new release with, which I’ll post more about soon. It’s tentatively titled, “Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy.” But that might be changed because of the word “boy.” I don’t want anyone’s search engine getting the wrong idea in these ever changing times of publishing.