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Chase of a Holy Ghost In Paperback; Gay Teen Blackmailed by Brother; Liz Taylor and Dallas Buyers Club

Chase of a Holy Ghost In Paperback

Here’s another indie book that’s going to be offered now in paperback for those who don’t read e-books. It’s the second book in the Chase of a Lifetime series and even though it’s not the first book it is a stand alone. In every series I do you can pick up each book at any time and you won’t get confused. But the first book will also be released in paperback as well. I’m doing it with all my indie titles now.

Here’s the blurb for Chase of a Holy Ghost:

In Chase of a Holy Ghost, the fourth installment of the erotic m/m romance Chase series, Len and Jim find themselves eager to sell the legal medical marijuana dispensaries they inherited from Carol Greene, but Jim winds up getting caught in the middle of an insane poorly planned farce that includes kidnapping and two crooked cops. And while all this is unfolding, Jim’s mom and dad pay a visit to the ranch with some serious news about his dad’s health. There’s also a surprise visit from Len’s wealthy domineering mother, Doris Branson, and Jim discovers a hidden side to his strict Catholic mother-in-law he never would have suspected if he hadn’t caught her in the act himself. 

As Len and Jim continue to live and love as a happily married gay couple raising a child in a world that still has issues with this, other regular characters like sexy Arturo and kinky Doc return with their own stories. As each event unfolds in Chase of a Holy Ghost and Len and Jim’s love grows even stronger, this time Jim finally understands the full meaning of gratitude, true love, and all that he’s been blessed with in life and at COAL Ranch.

You can find it here on Amazon or CreateSpace

The e-book is also on Amazon. 

I’m still contemplating one more book for this series.

Gay Teen Blackmailed by Brother

Here’s a story about a vulnerable gay teenager who wound up being blackmailed by his brother because he’s gay. Scary.

“My brother found out that I’m gay by looking through my phone and reading texts between me and my boyfriend.

“He confronted me about it and said that I had to break up with my boyfriend and start dating girls or he’ll tell my parents about me and tell my boyfriend’s parents about him.

“He screenshotted my texts and some pictures from my phone and has them saved somewhere.”

Yeah, that’s up there with about as bad as if gets. And it’s more proof that even though gay marriage is legal the fight is still far from over and there are still many gay people who are left vulnerable.

 Here’s the rest.

Liz Taylor and Dallas Buyers Club

A good friend of Liz Taylor’s, Kathy Ireland, is claiming that Taylor allegedly did a few things that may or may not have been legal back in the early days of AIDS. And Ireland is NOT tossing shade. She’s paying a compliment.

In the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ron Woodruff, a man with AIDS who smuggled unapproved pharmaceutical drugs into Texas for treating his symptoms. In this true story, Woodruff distributed the drugs to fellow people with AIDS by establishing the ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’

‘She would sell jewelry, there were transfers of money – sometimes in a paper bag,’ Ireland says. ‘She thought she might get caught but she wasn’t afraid. She’d go to jail for it. Elizabeth and fear were not in the same sentence.

‘Something love about Elizabeth is her courage.’

The details are sketchy and it’s hard to make assumptions because Taylor is dead and can’t speak up anymore, but I think the main point here is that Liz Taylor cared and she worked hard for a cause in which she believed. I was very young but I do remember, first hand. When no one else was willing to even mention AIDS Liz Taylor was right up there on the front lines. And she continued until she passed away.

Here’s the rest of the article.