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Alec Baldwin Blames GLAAD; Authors Off the Shelf; 25 Questions Bisexuals Get

Alec Baldwin Blames GLAAD

I know the whole Alec Baldwin thing is getting tired, but according to this article Alec Baldwin blames GLAAD’s spokesperson, Rich Ferraro, for ending his short-lived TV show that I think was some kind of talk show. Don’t quote me on that.

Taking on the role of victim, Baldwin said this:

… You’ve got the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy — (GLAAD spokesman) Rich Ferraro and (journalist) Andrew Sullivan — they’re out there, they’ve got you,’ Baldwin tells Gothamist. ‘Rich Ferraro, this is probably one of his greatest triumphs. They killed my show. And I have to take some responsibility for that myself.’

He also claims TMZ had something to do with it.

Ferraro disabused Baldwin’s rant once again. He thinks Baldwin should be thinking in a more positive way in the sense that Baldwin should be more focused on educating people about how damaging the word fag, or any gay slur, can be.

You can read more here… My own comment is that I do think we’ve become a little too politically correct. But in some cases we can’t go backward. Gay slurs like fag sting, and they sting hard. And if you’re in the public eye, and you’re one of the few privileged in a country like the US where wealth is no longer balanced, have the good sense to watch what you say.

Authors Off the Shelf

Authors Off the Shelf is a book pubbed by the owners of where a long list of authors collaborated to create a collection of pieces for charities they strongly believe in. It’s sort of an anthology with everything from novelettes to essays. At a glance, I see many names I often see on social media, including a few authors I’ve read several times. But more important, all proceeds from Authors Off the Shelf will be divided up four ways and distributed to four different charities.

 All 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be going directly to these four charities. None of the authors, Lazy Beagle Entertainment, Rondal or Patrick will receive any profit. (Unfortunately we can’t stop the companies selling the book from receiving a profit when they sell the book.) You may also donate directly to these charities by accessing their websites.

You can read more here. And you’ll find links to where you can purchase the book, and the charities are listed with more links. The book is also being sold at most retail web sites I mention here all the time, including I’ll be purchasing my copy over the weekend. This is great timing for the Thanksgiving weekend.

25 Questions Bisexuals Get

I’ve always found bisexuals fascinating. Before I met Tony I always seemed to draw bisexual men to me without even trying to do this. It’s not like I actively went out looking for bisexual men. They always seemed to pick me out of the crowd, and one thing I do remember is they weren’t shy. Some of the questions below are interesting, and some are dumb. But I would imagine a lot of people are curious about bisexuals, so no question is really that dumb when you think about it.

#19 is amusing:

19) ‘Can I watch you have a threesome? No, seriously. Can I watch you have a threesome? Please. I’ll pay.’ (Georgia Stoke)

The assumption so many people make about bisexuals really being gay but not willing to admit it is something that’s always bothered me. What’s so hard to understand about being attracted to both sexes? But, in the same respect, the other thing that bothers me about bisexuals is that some of the ones I’ve met seem to think that because they are bisexual it gives them a free pass to not be monogamous. I’m not saying all, so please don’t get the wrong impression. I’m sure there are bisexuals out there who are in monogamous relationships/marriages, with either men or women, and they are living happy healthy lives. But with some of the bisexual men I’ve met I’ve found they are usually married to women and they often fool around with men on the side. In some cases they had open marriages and the wives knew all about it. No problem there. But in other cases they weren’t in open relationships and everything they did with men was on the down low. In other words, many of the bisexual men I’ve known seem to think that because they are attracted to both sexes they deserve to have sex with both sexes all they want. Kind of like having that proverbial cake and eating it, too. And that’s not how it works for me. If you’re a bisexual man and you’re either married to a man or a woman, stick with that one husband or wife just like the rest of us.