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Release Day: The Preacher’s Husband; Chapman Jock Comes Out; Gone With the Wind Prequel

Release Day: The Preacher’s Husband

Update: Here’s the purchase link for

This is the second book in the Glendora Hill series, The Preacher’s Husband.

Right now it’s up on Smashwords, and I’ll keep posting with updates as it becomes available on other web sites where e-books are sold. Sometimes it takes a while to upload these books.

This is a stand alone and you don’t have to read the first book to understand this one. It’s priced at .99 for the time being and it has 60,000 words.

Here’s the back cover copy description:

In this next full length novel from the Glendora Hill series, The Preacher’s Husband, cowboy Kelly Barrett takes off on a road trip to join his husband in Texas to begin a new adventure. Kelly has a new job as ranch manager and his gay minister husband just took over a new church on the outskirts of town.

But after a brief stop at the Grand Canyon, Kelly runs into an unusual man on a motorcycle, both literally and figuratively, and they wind up finishing the road trip together where at one point they are forced to spend the night at a remote gay resort in the middle of nowhere. There are even more surprises in store for them, and Kelly’s uneventful life as the preacher’s husband turns into something far more complicated.

With the help of Sebastian Holt and other recurring characters from the series, Kelly winds up questioning everything about his life. And while he’s going through his dilemma, Sebastian’s son, Kick, comes out of the closet in a show of rebellion that sends whispers all over town…with a devastating scene at the very end that could ruin all their lives.

Will Kelly figure out how to be the perfect preacher’s husband? Will Kick finally see the dangerous game he’s playing could kill him? Or will life as everyone knows it in perfect Glendora Hill, Texas change forever?

Chapman Jock Comes Out

Mitch Eby, a football player at Chapman U, recently came out of the closet and found a great deal of support.

He made a speech to his teammates:

He said in part: ‘It has taken me years to accept myself for who I truly am, so it’s irrational to expect everybody to unconditionally accept me right away. However, the one thing that I hope that I can count on from each of you, my teammates, is your respect. Your respect as a friend, your respect as a teammate, and your respect as a man.’

The team applauded when he finished speaking, some gave him a hug and one even called Eby his hero.

More here. There’s a photo of him in football gear, too.

After watching the violent coming out scene last night on the TV show Shameless, this is nice to hear.

Gone With the Wind Prequel

There’s a new Gone With the Wind Prequel coming out that was authorized by the Mitchell estate. Its focus is on the Mammy character from GWtW, and it’s supposedly going to give life to the Mammy character. Mitchell has been criticized for not making the Mammy character more three dimensional in Gone With the Wind.

The completed book, “Ruth’s Journey,” is the fictional telling of the life of one of the novel’s central characters, a house servant called Mammy who otherwise remains nameless. The story begins in 1804, when Ruth is brought from her birthplace, the French colony of Saint-Domingue that is now known as Haiti, to Savannah, Ga. The Mitchell estate has authorized the prequel, which was written by Donald McCaig, the author of one of two authorized “Gone With the Wind” sequels, “Rhett Butler’s People,” from 2007. (The other was “Scarlett” by Alexandra Ripley, released in 1991.) “Gone With the Wind” won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1937 and has sold hundreds of millions of copies.

I’ve never been a huge GWtW fanboy. I know I’m in the minority but I’ve always thought GWtW has more corn than Iowa, and more camp than a drag show.

But I do find these prequels interesting from a writer’s POV. I think it shows that anything can be done. But more important, fanfic is okay and you can make millions of dollars with it as long as it’s authorized.

I wish some wonderful fanfic author would write a prequel to my book, An Officer and His Gentleman, and talk about Chance’s life before he started working for the creepy old man who made him walk around naked all the time. I won’t get mad at you. I’ll support you all the way. I have no issues with fanfic.

You can read more here.