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Judging a Book By Its Cover…

Since I’ve been posting about my experiences with self-publishing, I’ve kept it real and posted about almost everything I can think of.

So I decided to mention this about Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street before it goes live to avoid any possible confusion…which I really don’t think will happen. It’s not the first time an author or a publisher made a change like this and it won’t be the last.

It was a publisher who once told me that people do, indeed, judge books by their covers. And I’ve learned from experience how true that is. Over the years I’ve been happy for the most part with almost every book cover I’ve had. My all time favorite cover to date is Chase of a Lifetime…but that could be because that was my first self-published book and I’m very partial to it. With my other published books I never had the final say or the control. Frankly, I didn’t want it either. I trusted their judgment and moved on to my next work in progress. I didn’t want to worry about covers.

Then I found myself interested in self-publishing and things changed. There were two ways I could have gone with the cover for JSoDS. One was to go more erotic and show a bare-chested guy. The book does have an element of light BDSM and I made that clear in the blurb. The other way I could have gone was to play up the more emotional side of the book, where there’s a kid in a wheel chair struggling to walk again with the help of the two main characters.

So when I sent the cover information to the cover artist I used for John Sweet, I asked her to focus more on the emotional parts in the book than the erotic parts simply because I thought they were more important to the book. And I was happy with the end result and loved the cover she created. I still love that cover.

But since the release of Jonah Sweet I’ve had people e-mail me asking for more details about whether or not there are erotic scenes in this particular book. I don’t mind answering them and I’ve always encouraged this kind of communication. However, I ultimately decided to change the cover of Jonah Sweet to the one you see in this post above. It will go live sometime over the weekend and that’s going to be the final cover for a while. NONE of the CONTENT of this book will be changed at all, not now or ever. When I released that book, like all the other books I’ve released, I was prepared to own my words and stand behind it regardless of what anyone else thinks.

This time I designed and created the cover myself. Though I’d never done anything like this before, I knew what I wanted, I didn’t think anyone would be able to deliver it the same way I could, and I decided to learn how to design book covers myself. I’m not certain how long I’ll be self-publishing or how many covers I’ll design in the future. But it made perfect sense that since I’m doing this commando now, so to speak, it would only make sense to learn how to design e-book covers.

For those thinking about designing their own covers, all the information you need is out there on the web. You just have to google,”How to design an e-book cover,” and tons of web sites and youtube videos will pop up. I wanted something simple this time for Jonah Sweet, with simple print, and with masculine energy.