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What Challenges Do Modern Royals Face?

I think it’s interesting that the day my book, The Buckhampton Country Club and the Rogue Prince, is released, I run into an article like this about Prince Albert and his new wife.

I can assure everyone that I know nothing about Prince Albert II, nor do I care to know about him. I actually did date a guy a few years ago who was related to the Kelly family in Philadelphia, and who knew Princess Grace personally. But that’s as far as my connection goes. The “rogue” prince in my book is strictly ficticious and so is the country where he reigns.

However, I still can’t help thinking of the challenges all modern royals seem to be facing these days. While celebrities are coming out of the closet, while single women are having babies without getting married, and while everyone seems to have lightened up on the rules, royals all seem to be stuck in the same mold they’ve been stuck in for hundreds of years. And we expect them to remain there. Although it seems like a fairytale exsitence, I’m sure it must have more than a few pitfalls. And frankly, I don’t know how they do it.

Princess Charlene & Prince Albert II Sleep In Separate Beds On Honeymoon: Report (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post Ellie Krupnick
First Posted: 7/13/11 12:30 PM ET Updated: 7/13/11 04:09 PM ET

There’s been no kayaking, rodeos nor star-studded red carpets for this royal couple’s first trip abroad. Instead “Good Morning America” reports that Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock’s honeymoon has been the trip from hell.

Apparently, the Monegasque newlyweds, have spent their South African sojourn with fake smiles plastered to their faces. And Albert was ten miles apart from Charlene for one night and reports say the newlyweds are sleeping in separate beds.

These two just can’t catch a break. Rumors began flying even before the wedding about Charlene’s unhappiness with Albert, who continues to be dogged by paternity scandals. And last week, “GMA” wondered if the marriage wasn’t cursed. The supposedly unhappy union, says the French press, is merely a plan to produce a legitimate heir for Prince Albert II, whose children (had out of wedlock) cannot inherit the throne.

But Princess Charlene’s father tried to assure the press that the couple’s love is true, saying that marrying his daughter to a prince is like “winning the World Cup.”

Poor Charlene and Albert — we really are rooting for you.