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Why Google Glass Failed; Gays Own Jeb Bush Web Site; Gareth Thomas Slams Perez Hilton

Why Google Glass Failed

There is more than one theory out there about why Google Glass failed. First, here’s mine.

It was too much too soon. There are still people who don’t know how facebook works. There are still people who don’t even understand the basics of twitter. There are still people who are proud to admit they love the musty old smell of print books and will never read digital. And there are still people who will never let go of their land lines. I could list a dozen or so more reasons why GG was too much too soon. But you get my point. There’s still an entire generation that has to die off before we’re all reading digital books and “wearable technology” is something standard.

Goggle Glass was, indeed, way ahead of its time. But I don’t think it failed. I think it’s just the beginning of more to come.

This article lists three viable reasons why Google Glass failed.

 . Let’s Not Forget Privacy Concerns

Let’s face it, Google Glass was creepy. If you ever ran into someone wearing a pair in the wild — and that was rare outside of Silicon Valley — the mind would fill up with plenty of problematic questions. Is he recording me? Is she checking my online profile? Is he watching porn?

Movie theaters were the first to stop Google Glass-donning patrons at the door. Some bars, event venues and restaurants followed suit. It made surrounding guests uncomfortable. Someone could always whip out a phone or camcorder and start recording in a public place, but with Google Glass you just didn’t know if you were in a frame of a recorded clip.

Of course I personally think this reason is idiotic, however, I agree with it 100% as far as why the failure happened.

You can read the rest here.

Gays Own Jeb Bush Web Site

Frankly, I think this is a little silly…if not self-indulgent. Although I’ll admit I’m not certain where Jeb Bush stands on all gay issues (he is pro-civil union), I know for a fact the Bush family, including George Sr. and Barbara, are far from anti-gay. In fact, the senior Bushes were part of a legal lesbian wedding ceremony a year or so ago in Maine…a small ceremony with intimate friends. So with of all the enemies the LGBT community has these days, I’m not sure I would consider Jeb Bush one of them.

In any event, here’s why two grown gay men are thrilled to own the JebBushforPresident web site.

Domain owners CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater, from Oregon, purchased the site name in 2008, ready for the former Florida governor to enter the race. 

Instead of promoting the Republican politician, however, they’re planning on using it for LGBTI advocacy. 

‘This page is intended to prompt understanding, insight, and healthy dialogue in the ever changing landscape of civil rights and social justice,’ they said. 

I’m thrilled they’re going to use it for LGBT advocacy. We can always use more of that. On the other hand, I also doubt Jeb Bush is losing much sleep over this.

Now tell me you bought the Rick Santorum web site and I’ll cheer the loudest. THAT one is the one to watch out for. Tell me you bought the Huckabee domain and I might do a happy dance. Between Santorum and Huckabee I’m not sure which one is worst. And, there are others who are far more dangerous than Jeb Bush.

You can read the rest of this idiocy here. 

Gareth Thomas Slams Perez Hilton

Here’s another name to add to the Perez Hilton proverbial hit list: Gareth Thomas, an openly gay ruby player. In an unusually vicious way, Thomas publicly slammed Hilton as a “bad example of a human.” Hilton is a house guest on the current Celebrity Big Brother in the UK right now.

The retired rugby player took to Twitter today to explain why he’s having a tough time stomaching the current season of Celebrity Big Brother: Perez Hilton.

‘Every time I flick onto CBB, I have to immediately turn it over as soon as I see Perez Hilton,’ he tweeted. ‘Rather not see that bad example of a human.’

Of course you have to understand that Perez Hilton has no idea all this hate is being thrown his way because as a house guest on Big Brother he’s completely sequestered from the outside world. So Hilton really can’t even defend himself. I know this because I’ve been watching BB in the US since the very first season and I know the game well.

There are actually crowds on the street jeering and calling for Hilton to be voted out of the house. And then this happened, too:

Hilton recently branded outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins homophobic when she advised him to take criticism ‘like a man.’

Frankly, if Katie Hopkins said that to me I’d tell her to go fuck herself. I don’t like that kind of tone because it insinuates shame to the gay man because he’s not acting like “the man.” And nothing works better and a good old fashioned fuck you, baby.

But I digress. As I said, I’ve been following Big Brother as a game in the US since 2000 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any house guest play a perfect, honest game. This game has nothing to do with goodness and smiles or being a great human being. The object of this game is to do anything and everything in order to win the grand prize. There’s nothing considered too vicious in this game and the one who plays the dirtiest game usually wins. It’s expected.

I won’t comment anymore on this because my New Year’s resolution is that I’m not slamming gay people anymore at all on this blog…unless it’s something unthinkable. But I do find it interesting that Gareth Thomas opened his big fucking mouth that way. And I’m not even the biggest fan Perez Hilton has because I don’t like his brand of blogging. I just don’t think it’s wise to slam other gay people when we’re all getting the same slaps in the face daily by douchecanoes like Katie Hopkins who come from places of privilege.  That’s why we’re a minority.

The rest of this hot mess is here. 

Here’s a link to a free excerpt for the book below. 

Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street

Marriage Hold Utah; Celebrity Big Brother Homophobia; 14 Things Should End in 2014

Marriage Hold Utah

I had a feeling this would happen. But I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world. It shows how important it is for same sex marriage laws to be written up with care so this sort of thing can’t happen in other places.

While a federal appeals court fully considers the issue, no more same-sex unions will take place in the US state. A brief order was issued today (6 January), following an emergency appeal by the state following the 20 December ruling by US District Judge Robert Shelby.

More here.

When you really get down to this and people stop looking at same sex marriage with sexual thoughts…or impressions…and realize it’s more about quality of life and equality, the entire controversy takes on a different appeal. And those who don’t seem to understand this are going to go down in history the same way those who opposed civil rights in the 1960’s did. Not well.

Celebrity Big Brother Homophobia

It seems the reality show, Big Brother, is riddled with racism and homophobia all over the place and now it’s happening again on Celebrity Big Brother. I posted about last summer’s racism several times, here. I know people who were brought to tears just watching how African and Asian Americans were treated. Trust me, I’m usually one to say many things today are too PC. However, that brand of hate and racism I watched on Big Brother this past summer left me gutted.

And now they’re dealing with more gay hate on Celebrity Big Brother, with rapper, Dappy:

Later, Dappy was called into the diary room and was told he could have caused offence to gay people with his comment. It was revealed it was the third time Dappy had been told off about his language while in the house

I think these shows are airing in the UK so I haven’t seen them. If any of my UK readers have seen them I would love to hear your thoughts.

You can read more here. Evander Holyfield said he didn’t think gay was “normal.”

14 Things Should End in 2014

This is one of those pieces you may or may not agree with, but some of them are interesting. It’s a small rant about things we all had to suffer through in 2013 that they hope we won’t have to deal with again in 2014. Here are just two I hope come to an end.

2 Zombies, zombies everywhere It seems to me people are so tired of the world as it is today they have to turn their love into something else, something like zombies. Probably inspired by The Walking Dead, one of the most watched series of 2013, more people are searching on how to prepare for a “zombie apocalypse.” We already have too many unsolved issues in the world. Let’s try not to create one more.

3 Selfies We are all familiarized with what ‘selfies’ are all about: people taking close up pictures of themselves, sometimes pulling off a duck face. Let’s be more social next year. Let’s ask our friends to take pictures of us. I promise we will look so much better.

I wish I could say I was more of a Zombie fan, but I’m not. I love almost all paranormal, but Zombies never did it for me. I’m also not a huge fan of selfies and rarely take them. In fact, when I first hear the word I had a totally different idea about what they were. You can use your imagination on that one.

You can read more here. Unfortunately, I think all these things are just going to get much worse.