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Donald Trump: It’s Time the LGBT Community Boycotted The Celebrity Apprentice!

Last night I was flipping through the 1,000 channels I get, looking for something decent to watch, and I stumbled across the Greta Van Susteren show and stopped to watch an interview she did with Donald Trump.

And in a matter of minutes it turned into a side show. I watched Donald Trump insult and alienate everyone from George W. Bush supporters, Jimmy Carter supporters, President Obama supporters, China, and the entire lgbt community.

Interesting. Especially because I’m not the typical gay liberal Democrat most gay men I know are. I’m a registered Independent and I vote on issues, not according to any party lines.

I’m not going to get into Trump’s insults about Bush, Obama, Carter, or China. My focus remains geared toward equal rights for the lgbt community. In this case it’s regarding the legalization of gay marriage, which I fully support with my last breath. And when Trump hesitated for a moment during the interview, and then flatly stated he’s against gay marriage, that was enough for me.

Up until that point I’ve always been a fan of Donald Trump. I’ve respected him on many different levels. I’ve overlooked the fact that his own respect for the institution of marriage could be questioned, due to the fact that while most of the gay people I know have been together with their partners for the past twenty-five years, he’s been getting married and divorced. Frankly, it simply goes against common sense to take anything Donald Trump says about marriage seriously. He’s already lost that game and he’s never going to win it back.

What I’d like to see now is a show of support within the lgbt community, and this includes their family members and friends as well. (If you don’t think you know anyone who is gay, take a closer look at your cousins, your neighbors, or even they guy who fills your oil tank.) Let’s all take a small step toward equality that won’t cost a penny and won’t take up any of our time by boycotting Trump’s new season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Just stop don’t watch The Celebrity Apprentice. Let Mr. Trump know we’re tired of the inequality and we’re not going to sit back anymore and take it.

Though I’ve always been a huge fan of The Celebrity Apprentice, and I always thought Mr. Trump was a decent guy, I won’t watch it anymore. I won’t support anything Mr. Trump is involved with either. And it’s strictly because of Mr. Trump’s statements about gay marriage. In this case, I don’t have to remain objective. I don’t think there’s a more important issue out there than legalizing marriage for the lgbt community and it would be ridiculous to support anyone, in any way, who doesn’t support it.

And all you have to do is boycott The Celebrity Apprentice this season.