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Catholic School Students Support Gay Teacher; A Bisexual’s Thoughts About Bisexuality; Gay Bar In Austin Closes

Catholic School Students Support Gay Teacher

This is always why I have faith in younger people today.

Pupils at a church-run school in Germany protested their administration’s decision to backtrack on a job offer to a popular teacher. The gay man’s plan to wed his partner left officials with “no other alternative.”

Here’s the rest. I see a lot of grouchy older people on social media complaining about technology (which I love), and younger people who won’t put down their phones, but I happen to believe younger people today know exactly what they’re doing. So far, I haven’t been let down. They’re not stuck in the past waiting for those proverbial street lights to come on. 

A Bisexual’s Thoughts About Bisexuality

Here’s something from a bisexual that’s coming from first hand experience. We don’t hear about these things often enough. 

When I first came out as bisexual I didn’t much mind how often I was identified by others as gay. More often than not, I wouldn’t even bother to correct the error, even relishing in it to some degree.

You can read it all, here.  Frankly, I never understand why some gay people find it so hard to understand bisexuals. 

Gay Bar In Austin Closes

Here’s more news about gay bars. In this case, though, no one’s sure about anything right now. They’re posting that it’s closed for repairs and maintenance

Chronicle also reported that Oilcan Harry’s, which opened in 1990, is currently on TABC’s delinquent list, which means it owes money to its liquor sellers. Over on its Facebook page, the last post notes that the bar isn’t hosting its Super Sunday Diva Show because of “unforeseen circumstances.” The show is relocating to next-door gay bar Rain on Fourth.

Here’s the entire piece. There’s also a GoFundMe page link set up for former staff. 

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