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Catching Up With Goodreads Requests…

I just wanted to mention that I’m always in the process of catching up with requests from readers over at I may not do it daily. But I do get there at least once a week to check my friend requests and messages. Today there were about twenty-seven, so I wanted to post about it right now in case anyone wonders why it takes me so long to respond.

I’m also still figuring out how a lot of things on goodreads work. Up until four years ago, I was still submitting my manuscripts in hard copy to publishers by snail mail. I’m still getting used to certain social media sites. But I’m working on it all the time, especially when it comes to friend requests and personal messages over at goodreads. And if by chance I miss something on feel free to e-mail me at the address posted on this blog. I’m fast when it comes to e-mail.