Category: Casual Sex Isn’t For All Gay Men; Australian Newspaper and Transphobic Headline; Voting On Abortion In the US

Casual Sex Isn’t For All Gay Men; Australian Newspaper and Transphobic Headline; Voting On Abortion In the US

Casual Sex Isn’t For All Gay Men

Here’s another one that’s breaking the stereotypes. This article came about as a result of the young guy who wound up in the hospital after giving some guy with a 10 inch penis fellatio.

But what about gay guys who aren’t into random Grindr hookups or the potential for having their airways ruptured by complete strangers? Where do they fit into the gay community?
A few months ago, 25-year-old Liam told GQ that, despite being in his sexual prime, he hasn’t had sex in over a year.
Here’s more. It goes on to prove that NOT all gay men like or have casual random sex. Frankly, I think there are more guys who don’t like casual sex than there are guys willing to rupture their airways with a total stranger’s penis. 
Australian Newspaper and Transphobic Headline
I see this happen almost every day. I see it happen with straight people, and I see it happen with people from within the LGBT+ community. There are still people who do not understand trans people. 
However, with that said, this one is particularly bad. I thought we were at least beyond this kind of thing. Apparently, not this publication. 
It’s a story about Scarlett Johansson stepping down from a role in which she was due to play a transgender man. She was cast in Rupert Sanders’ new movie Rub and Tug earlier this month, which saw her playing the real-life figure of Dante ‘Tex’ Gill.
The Sunday Telegraph headline read: ‘Scarlett dumps tranny film role.’
You can read the rest here. I find this very frustrating, so I can’t even imagine how trans people feel. 

Voting On Abortion In the US
From what I gather, this is all speculation.
The idea of the US voting on abortion came up during an interview with President Trump, and his replies were broad and general. 
“I think [Kavanaugh] is going to be confirmed and someday in the distant future there could be a vote,” he said.
He also said there’s a good chance there won’t be a vote. You can read this one, here. 
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