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Reactions to Capt. Owen Honors Navy Video

First off, don’t shoot me for this post. I’m just supplying a link, here, to another post I read this morning with some interesting comments from readers. As I said in the post before this, I’m not weighing in on this subject with an opinion at all. But I find the reactions very interesting.

As an openly gay man I find a lot of things offensive these days, and in the least likely places. For example, I find the two characters on Modern Family slightly offensive. I know they have good intentions over at Modern Family (oh, those Hollywood types always do) and I’m sure both guys are great guys in person. I’m even glad to see gay guys being recognized in the mainstream. But seriously, I can’t help wondering how many male actors the producers at Modern Family went through until they found the most effeminate gay men on the planet. I’m not like the gay guys on Modern Family. My gay nephew isn’t like them, and neither is my gay brother. But more than that, none of my gay friends are like those guys either.

What I’d like to see on TV is a cop show like The Mentalist with a gay lead. Most of the gay men I know are more like Simon Baker than the two gay guys on Modern Family. So let’s start breaking some of the stereotypes in the bleeding heart mainstream while we’re attacking all this other offensive stuff, too.