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Glenn Close Reacts to Navy Video: Don’t Mention My Name (or image) Without Permission

If you haven’t heard about the kerfuffle going on right now with the Navy video, take a minute to check it out here.

I’m not weighing in with an opinion yet. I honestly don’t feel as if I have enough information to blast Capt. Honors, and certainly not enough to support him.

But I do commend Glenn Close for speaking up the way she did. And I can weigh in on this aspect. For them to use her image without her permission gives her every right in the world to denounce the video. They could have created this video without her, and it still would have had the same impact it’s getting right now.

If someone were to use my name or image in something this controversial without my permission, I would react exactly the same way. The Internet seems to have given people certain unwarranted liberties when it comes to mentioning names and bringing people into situations they don’t want to be in, without asking for permission first. And I’m not sure if this is just stupidity or arrogance. But it sux either way.