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Here’s another batch of e-books that just went up on I decided to release them slower on ARe because when you release back listed books…even if they are .99 e-books…you wind up taking over the entire new release page at one time and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so to speak. So for now, this is the next small batch of five. And, for the record, none of these e-books contain any of the following elements.

Anything with pedophilia, which involves sexual situations between adults and children. We are not interested in “barely legal” situations, either.

Anything with necrophilia, which is sex with a truly dead body. If your vampires and zombies are having sex (with the living or each other), it better be lively.

Anything with bestiality, which is sex with animals. Sentient beings, including shapeshifters, centaurs, and the like must be adequately anthropomorphized.

Rape or incest. If it’s a necessary part of a story, its purpose should not be to arouse.

Dirty Little Virgin

Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy

Cowboy Howdy

Capping the Season

Billabong Bang

I’ll post more when they go up.

It’s Baseball Time: "Capping the Season"

I’m going to spend some time in the coming weeks, in between posts about my indie publishing venture, revisiting previously published short stories I’ve written for For those who don’t know, LYD is an all inclusive e-publisher of erotica and erotic romance, and there are even a few “sugar and spice” romances for readers. I’ve been with them longer than I’ve been with any other e-publisher and I’m working on a short story submission right now titled: “Mike the Married Man.”

The original version of “Capping the Season” was pubbed in an anthology a long time ago by Alyson Books. I think this is when Alyson was in LA, but I could be wrong about that. Either way, I maintained the copyrights and decided to re-release it as a short e-book about two years ago. I revised many parts of the story and added a few things the original didn’t have that I thought were important to the storyline. I also wanted to give readers a choice between buying an entire anthology and one short story. I’ve stated before that I love anthologies. I really do. But I also like to have choices. And sometimes I don’t want to spend the money on the whole anthology. I only want to read a couple of stories…which for me has become one of the huge benefits of digital reading.

Anyway, “Capping the Season” is a story about a baseball player and a young professional who meet under unusual circumstances. I’m posting the blurb below and an excerpt and product details. It can be purchased here at the publisher’s web site, or here on Amazon.

When handsome young Hunter finally sells his mansion and decides to downsize to a luxury condominium, his biggest fear about moving is that he’s going to miss taking care of all the handsome young landscapers he’s grown so fond of in the old neighborhood. But when he winds up in the backseat of his car with his real estate agent on the day of settlement, he believes this is a good omen, and moves into the new place with red, puffy lips, sore knees, and a huge smile on his face. This is when he discovers he’s now living next door to a famous baseball jock who is drunk most of the time and thinks nothing of walking around in a pair of boxer shorts and a white T-shirt. But that’s nothing compared to what happens when Hunter visits him on his deck one afternoon, wearing nothing but a skimpy towel and a huge smile.

Ebook ISBN:978-1-60054-326-5
Length: 5000 words
Genre: Gay Lit / Contemporary
loveyoudivine Category: His and His Kisses
Rating: Shooting Star
Hunter’s sex appeal came in that innocent way dark, rough men always seem to notice. About five eleven, with blond hair and large blue eyes; a slim body frame enhanced by working out in the basement with free weights and push ups. Though his arms weren’t particularly large, his chest muscles responded to bench presses and push ups to the point where they rounded and popped like unbreakable ostrich egg shells sliced directly in half. But most men noticed one thing first: his round ass, a protruding cushion begging to be pounded and slapped and plugged.

The landscaping guys, always on the down low, would furtively watch while he pruned and trimmed hedges, parading his naked torso, sometimes pulling the sheer shorts so far below his waist half the crack of his smooth ass could be seen. Though it didn’t happen often (most of the time this was just a show), when Hunter noticed one of the guys seriously watching, he’d gradually arch his back, stretch his arms and then nod toward the garden shed. The guy would follow him to a private place behind the shed, where Hunter would slip off his shorts and lay face down on a pile of mulch. He’d then spread his legs wide, arch his back so his engaging ass would be in the air, and the guy would pull down his zipper for a quick afternoon fuck. In a white enamel pail with chips around the rim, Hunter kept lube and a full supply of condoms. Once, on a rare, unforgettable afternoon, when four Spanish speaking studs had been drinking too much beer on the job, Hunter spread his legs and arched his back while all four took turns nailing him into the mulch pile. It took a week for the reddish hand prints, where they’d squeezed his supple ass so hard, to disappear.

Though he’d miss the summertime romps and capping off the baseball season with the landscaping boys, living a mortgage-free life was far more exciting. The new town house, in an exclusive community of only thirty large units, had year round landscapers included in the monthly community fees. Hunter would never have to push a lawn mower, dig with a shovel or rake a leaf again. He wouldn’t have to work out at home in the basement anymore either; he could now afford to join a gym like all his friends, where he’d prance around naked in the locker room for men who were just as horny (and dirty) as the landscaping guys. He also portended he’d be able to distract at least a few of the guys who landscaped in the new town house community, too, by walking around on his rear deck in nothing but a short towel.

He drove directly to the new town house after settlement and saw the moving crew had arrived on time. Three overweight guys in Dodger baseball caps with yellow teeth and man breasts. In the back of his mind he’d been hoping for fierce and rugged moving men, with shaved heads and pierced nipples who would only be too happy to pull down their zippers while he sucked them all off in the back of the truck consecutively: an unfulfilled moving van fantasy that caused his hole to twitch.

"Capping the Season" Release…

Capping the season was released this weekend here. I was surprised to see that I’m the featured author for the next two weeks on the publisher’s home page. I didn’t expect it, and I’d like to thank Claudia, the publisher, and everyone else for doing it. Claudia just underwent some serious surgery, and she’s back working already. So check out all the titles over there. And if my books don’t pique your interest, then something else might. It’s a great group of authors and it’s always been a very good experience for me to be part of their truly (and I’m not kidding about this) positive, encouraging group.

"Capping the Season" is launching soon…

Just in time for baseball season. It will be out very soon, and I’ll keep the blog posted for the launch date. The reason I keep posting about this book is because I don’t think I’ve ever had a book cover I liked so much. The people on the cover are so close to the characters in the book it’s almost creepy. The story is a celebration of love between two very unlikely people.

Excerpt: He drove directly to the new town house after settlement and saw the moving crew had arrived on time. Three overweight guys in Dodger baseball caps with yellow teeth and man breasts. In the back of his mind he’d been hoping for fierce and rugged moving men, with shaved heads and pierced nipples.