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Why It’s a Good Idea to Cancel the NYC Marathon

I’m a runner, so you’d think I’d be the first to complain about canceling the NYC Marathon.

But I’m not. I think it’s a great idea to cancel it. People have been devastated this week. Lives have been ruined. It’s hard to be happy about anything right now when people are still in a state of shock.

I remember something that happened locally during 911. On the day of the 911 terrorists attacks, the same horrible day planes flew into the WTC, we had a local event scheduled for that evening in New Hope. It was one of those local things small towns have once a year to honor local businesses. It was always a lot of fun.

But I thought for certain they would cancel the event that year, or at least reschedule it, especially after what had happened that day all over the country. But they didn’t. They had the event in spite of the 911 attacks and a lot of people never forgave them.

Tony and I didn’t go. We were home glued to the TV worrying about family and friends in NY. And we’ve never understood why anyone would want to go out and celebrate that night. It was tacky. It was in poor taste. It was disrespectful. It was just plain dumb. And that was the last year they held that particular local event.

There’s a time to celebrate and a time to tone it down. And having a marathon in NYC while so many people are still suffering wouldn’t have been right.

You can read about it here:

NEW YORK — Under growing pressure with thousands still shivering from Sandy, the New York City Marathon was canceled Friday by Mayor Michael Bloomberg after mounting criticism that this was not the time for a race.

With the death toll in the city at 41 and power not yet fully restored, many New Yorkers had recoiled at the prospect of police officers being assigned to protect a marathon, storm victims being evicted from hotels to make way for runners, and big generators humming along at the finish-line tents in Central Park.